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  1. Great combat is nothink when there is no balance. All players who dont like farm, pvp stop at the profane or siren weapon. When i play the game in poh, bsh are almost 0 players. Game dont care about me and i dont care about the game. It is simple rule like in other games. :)
  2. thx i will try that. If game will be like Aion or Lineage 2 for kids i will, then you will play with other kids xD I will change game to Black Desert Online, or Last Ark when it will be off in EU. Game is boring if you must farm 4h+ the same daily, quests for gold and mats. I have my on live and dont like to waste it for doing the same like a bot :)
  3. omg i love your post :D I feel the same... Hide is op, can do zero, zero skill to use when i dont see a target (playing warlock). Spin is op the same like jumb, lots of cc, cant do nothink i lose all my skills to get out of the cc and have them on cooldown but destro use the same skills maybe 5 sec colldown? Dont know how but its zero fun for me, and what can I do? Nothink. Or uninstall game XD.
  4. Omg, destroyers and assasins will be immortal on arena. Warlock was nerfed and get only 30m>50m larger effect. And few skills little upgraded... Now i know why people leaving the game.
  5. thx, lets hope it will be true, ne path of upgrade is more expensive, and harder when i read from other people.
  6. New path of weapons is from last upgrade siren, then we go for new upgrade system. But i have a qustion, what happen if my weapon will be Awakened Pirate (not true prirate). I go for new upgrade system? Or i can make True pirate then? If i make awakened pirate today, and tomorow i will have new upgrade system or can make true pirate? Someone knows?
  7. Good luck with that help from GM, if you ticket them to buy bots they will sell you.
  8. It is no sens to play this game, bots, spams, dc, dc, dc, lags, lags, lags. You can only play this game 1 day after the maintance. I have 0 satisfaction from this game when i play on lags, go to Blackram narrows and got dc in the end. I love this game, waiting 4 years for eu server. But this is sick.
  9. I agree with you. Trailers from times when game dosent exist have much more options than existing game.
  10. Even PC from pentagon will not help here. It is server lags.
  11. They have servers in US not in EU. They maybe dont have problems with fps. But we EU players know better what fps are low.
  12. Game Guard was used in old games like Mu online it is on Lineage 2 now they use it on BnS. They never remove that. I think new game from ncsoft ncs new moba will have that to.
  13. i have 4049 problem, waiting for support about 5 hours. My game crash when i click play game.
  14. My end game is at lvl 22. Cant login and have Game Guard error. Game crash when i click "Play Game". Im waiting for support now it will be 5 hours. On lvl 45 and game is boring, all days are the same get money making daily, pvp, faction, dungeons. Never been that much bored. I have 2 classes at 45 lvl and new Warlock on 22 level. Game have lags, dc, crashes, luncher problems, bots, spams. Waiting for that game 4 years.
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