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  1. Enigmatic Belt

    U guys For how much? It's almost 3g in market now.
  2. Current class numbers in gold+ disgust me

    Destroyer least played class, right... Also, no surprise there in terms of distribution; it's almost exactly like how I imagined it. Seems like the recent patch didn't do anything in terms of general balance. Probably made it worse. Don't know how the new patch will affect PvE, but IMO, Destroyers and Summoners are top in there as well.
  3. A lot of the top players right now have been playing the game for quite a while (on other regions) and there seems to be a slight "advantage" for summoners in terms of population in rankings. It's my point that since desto and summ are so easy to play, you'll see a lot of them in gold+ since it's much easier for them to get there. Summoners aren't doing bad in top rankings either. An actual good summoner is even more deadly and difficult to play against. I'm not sure now (recent patch), but it seems that Summoners got a buff.
  4. Ironically, that's not the case in NA. Summoners are pretty much consistently ranking top in recent tournies. Not that that's a great indicator anyways since most of reasoning is just because the players are just that good. I've seen some play alts and get to Platinum and Diamond pretty handily. I'm sure if they let you look at the distribution of classes in mid to upper tier ranks, Summoners will probably be one of the highest.
  5. Allow us to bail out of bidding

    Does bailing by "zoning" cause all of your previous bids to be cancelled. I guess this would only help if you're bidding against one other person though.
  6. Max Agility [KFM]

    Can you show vid of this? I know that AoE "ignore target" are supposed to hit.
  7. Mail restrictions

    I can see how this is a measure against gold sellers but I don't think it'll be all that effective, while still screwing over their actual player-base. At least there are no restrictions to alt accounts and it does kind of make sense so that people just don't spam new accounts and just trade between them. But they definitely need to change it so it is more accessible to players without forcing to make actual real-money purchases (i.e. restrict the amount of mail you can send as a free player, restrict sending in-game currency, etc.). I wonder, does the mailing restrictions apply for the Initiate Pack buyers because that would be even more messed up.
  8. It's just a server though. There have been so many chances to change server. NCSoft even implemented a ticket system just so you could transfer over your character (at least the Founder stuff). They could try the 2nd and 3rd most populated servers too. Also, there is cross-server for a lot of the content so it's much of an issue. Only issue I can see right now is open-world PvP (which they should also make cross-sever) but that depends I guess.
  9. Any other KFMs miss Power Drop?

    They shouldn't have removed and I hope they bring it back later and just "update" it. If it could mess uf 3RF combo then maybe they should just make it an optional skill, like Avenging Fist and/or make it more viable.
  10. Again, why do people (especially non-premium), keep trying to get into Mushin.
  11. Queue time lying?

    So many people here just want to complain instead of read the first 2 or so pages of posts. I do agree that they should fix the bug and add something so that people know which servers are filling up. I don't know why they don't have a "High, Medium, Low" population description; unless the suggested servers are supposed to be doing that.
  12. Agreed, they should make these items account bound. I really don't see the problem with making them that way; they're single use anyways. If they really want to make it character bound (for whatever reason) then at least separate each of the items into different "packs" so we can sent over what we want to other characters. Although this wouldn't work with the Dragon Pouches which is why it should just be account bound. I don't want to use all these items on just one of my characters.
  13. Q1 2016 launch vs Black Desert Online???

    I shouldn't have expected any less, from both sides.