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  1. Race Change

    It would be definitely nice to have some confirmation from the devs about this. I started a new KfM yesterday and now, when I read about the racial change in China, I dunno if I should continue with the new character or not :D I hate uncertainty and I'm sure about not being alone, NCsoft, please help us ;)
  2. Race Change

    I think and there is quite a lot of evidence throughout the forums, that many ppl would really appreciate this option, me including. Today, I plan to create my second KfM, just because I can't change the race of the existing one. It cost me quite a lot of time and resources, but I rather level up a new character, than play with a race I don't like as much as when I started that character. Also, ppl would pay real money for this, so it's really a good thing to implement imho...
  3. Race Change

    BnS is not the only game where racial restrictions for classes is applied, yet most of these games offer this option for real money. So that's really not the problem in this case m8 ;)
  4. warlock, cant hang boys and girls

    Well, I'm pretty satisfied with the locks damage, at least on the levelling point of view, haven't maxed yet ;)
  5. That's great m8, I hope they don't get overloaded with this type of tickets now (I guess they will of course). I'll write my ticket and will see how it goes, like I wrote earlier, I got this survey only on my first character if I remember correctly, got to buy a key for my warlock, just this weekend...
  6. Survey Level 20

    I got this survey only once, if I remember correctly. It was on my first character (FM). Now I have two chars on 45, one on lvl 40 and one on lvl 31 and hadn't got this survay again with any of those....
  7. Yeah, that's right, this type of thread is missing here. Just to be clear, I didn't thought this is a complain thread at all ;) Server issues are surely true, mainly because all the bots and maybe some other things less obvious than those, I just hope that NCsoft will solve it as soon as possible. KfM is unfortunately very latency-sensitive class, which is the only thing that holds back the enjoyment and fun ;)
  8. I usually check the combat log if I'm not sure about the timing, but you are right about the different button-press delays needed for the combo to work. However that's just the routine issue I guess, like with everything else :) Also, congratz to your ping, not many ppl are lucky to have solid latency ;)
  9. Ah, got it now ;) So we're talking about different issues :) I guess that this issue of yours is probably latency-related, how's your ping?
  10. That was happening to me, too. But if i was a little bit faster (maybe it's really just a small window at the beginning of the Cyclone kick animation where it works, that's probable.), it connected.
  11. Kung Fu Master needs knowledge

    Hi, Yes, there is a stun on the Searing palm, if specced correctly, this skill stuns the target for 2 seconds, after it receives 8 hits during the Searing palm duration.
  12. I was experiencing the "two dash" issue too, but then I realized that it works if you do it faster actually. So it works if you go like: 3-R-F "halfdash" 3-R-F.....

    So, I tried several of the DE servers via WTFast, the software somehow can't decide on it's own, and managed to lower my ping to 25 average, even without any more tweaks. So I'm quite happy now, will be perfect if the WTFast was free :D :D

    Not true, only thing stated was that they do not support a software like WTFast, but won't ban for using it intentionally. So you're wrong m8.

    Well, actually the weird "feel" also seems like overloaded server to me, Windrest here, obviously :)

    Yeah, those famous Win 10 for free. I knew there will be a catch somewhere :D Ty for pointing this out ;)

    Of course I'll post an update to this topic, it may help other ppl with similar problems and I think we all want to play fluently, right? ;)

    This looks really interesting, I'll give it a try, thank you ;)

    No input lag, maybe I expressed myself wrong, the game reacts without delay or something like that, just the "feel" is not exactly right, if you know what I mean. Like if the ping is higher than WTFast shows...

    So, I tested WTFast yesterday, it shows me average ping of 42, and my average ping without WTFast intervention shows 44, so the difference is minimal. However the game reaction still feels like the ping is much higher than shown, while getting stable 60-70 FPS, so it's not caused by HW insufficiency. Dunno where's the problem then, I even eliminated the mouse button delay. Any thoughts?
  21. BNS Became P2W !

    To OP: P2W = Pay to "get upper hand over those who don't pay" - In another words, if you can pay for something which makes your character stronger which is not achievable by normal play, then it's P2W. There's nothing like this in BnS. You can stop posting nonsense now, thank you.

    I was considering a software like WTFast, but I guess my lazyness has beaten up this effort :D I'll try it and see if it will improve anything. Thanks for the suggestion, even though I considered it earlier, you convinced me to finally do it ;)

    Yes, I checked the ping via the task manager, not for the value, but mainly for the confirmation of the "feeling" ingame, ping is not stable, and as a KfM player, I know it even without any ping measurement. If it was a routing issue, I would have the same problems with other game servers located in Frankfurt, most probably. Only thing I changed since the game was released was the system, upgraded from W7 to W10, however I doubt that's the issue, but if you have some evidence it can be this, I will gladly revert back to W7 and share my findings.

    Sry m8, but no. I have quite a high latency too, not as high as OP, but still, 150ms is too high if you live 400km away from Frankfurt and in another games with servers in the same location give latency of 40ms max....
  25. 3F Searing Blow Combo

    Hi, I was trying to replace Cyclone kick with Searing blow just yesterday and the main problem I encountered is the loss of CC uptime (Searing blow duration is too long, because it's multiple hits, so if you interrupt the skill prematurely, you lose some hits, therefore dmg from the skill). So I reverted back to the cyclone and practice my timing, Searing is really good for PvE though, for the 2RF combo.