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  1. After roughly 325 times of killing the Matriarch, they finally got them to drop:
  2. You are correct, "Dual RNG" is not a real thing, however Multiple Conditional Probability is, and I simply dumbed it down to "Dual RNG" Since there are two instances of probability that are linked to one another. Condition A has to be met before Condition B can be considered, instance X only occurs when Condition A and B are met.
  3. "Commitment"? Let me tell you something, I farm this around 50-75 times A DAY, even more on the weekends. I've done this every day since Head Start save for 1 when I was getting to 45, every Beta period, and even played the CN version for months doing the same thing. I've seen the spider boss around 1,000 times across all instances, and likely ran that dungeon close to 10,000 times. Guess how many times it's dropped? Zero, big ol' goose egg, nada, zip, zilch. This is *cricket*ing ridiculous RNG, for something completely inconsequential.
  4. After the second boss in the room with the Dragon Pulse, there's a lever on top of the statue.
  5. Crimson True Lynblade, comes from the Cinderlands Faction vendor.
  6. While normally I would agree with you on this, the low drop rate isn't my main qualm for this item, it's the "Dual RNG" of the item. You always have at least a CHANCE at the recipe, because the boss will ALWAYS be at the end of the dungeon. The Spider Fangs are dual conditional probability, there's a CHANCE that the Spider Matriarch will be in the room and a CHANCE that she will drop the item. I'm a-okay with a 2% drop rate if she was ALWAYS in the room, OR a low probability of her being in the room with a good chance she'll drop the item (not guaranteed, mind you). After farming this item for
  7. In Tomb of the Exiles, for the people who are unaware, there is a secret room you can access that can contain 1 of 3 "bosses". Either a bunch of Spiderlings, two Pot Dogs, or a Spider Matriarch. The Matriarch has about a 1 in 20 chances of spawning, so if you see her, go buy a lottery scratcher. The Matriarch also drops a neat cosmetic item called Spider Fangs, which has about a 2% drop chance. If you see this item drop, go buy a lottery ticket, but try to do it indoors cause you'll probably be struck by lightning on your way outside... twice. This is an absolutely ridiculous RNG
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