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  1. I get where you're coming from, DoTs is a blanket statement, and needs to be narrowed down into what actually works: DoT Abilities, which ARE fundamentally different from DoT Enfeeblements/Status Effects. DoTs can be broken up in this game into the two categories I mentioned earlier DoT Abilities : Doom n Gloom - Causes X damage over time. DoT Enfeeblements/Status Effects : Soaring Falcon (I'm a BD) - Inflicts Bleed for 10 seconds causing X damage over time. Both do damage over time, but behave completely different. A Bleed / Poison will NOT break stealth, Summoners DoT Ability will.
  2. Tomb of Exiles - RNG HELL

    After roughly 325 times of killing the Matriarch, they finally got them to drop:
  3. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    Played the CBT on NA, it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, they've removed a TON of content from the overseas versions. And no, they're not fixing OWPvP, they've said since the beginning that it's going to be a big part of the game to compete with Camelot Unchained.
  4. Put Relevant Stuff on HongMoon Store

    "Man I sure am glad no game-breaking items are available in the cash shop, P2W is a terrible model for games!" *Gets to the point where you need Moonwater Stones to upgrade and enhance your weapon* "Why can't I just throw money at this problem to make my gear stronger?! I don't have time to play the game normally!" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
  5. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    Why you're going to have a REALLY bad time in Black Desert Online: 1: PvE in BDO is super grindy, once you get to level 16 your next quest is at level 20, have fun grinding 6 hours of mobs to reach 20, maybe. 1: OWPvP is blatantly apparent in BDO, and even worse than in BnS because you cannot turn it off, enjoy your ganks and griefing! 3: Ok I agree with you here, Summoners and Destroyers don't get hurt like the other classes from not having the 45-50 content, as their big dps skills come earlier in their trees. 4: Feedback from Beta players in BDO is generally: "sucks to be you." literally received a response from an inquiry about latency problems that stated "if better internet options aren't available in your area, try using third party internet boosters, or consider reloacation." they don't give a shit about their community. 5: Maintenance in BDO is a joke, all around, they don't fix a *cricket* thing and have no intention to. They're praying the game is carried by PvP. But by all means, have fun!
  6. Just unlock the Warlock already

    This is the right answer, instead of complaining the OP could be leveling and gathering materials to make his Warlock go so fast. One of my guildies wants to main Warlock and has every tradable upgrade weapon, about 150g and tooooons of mats that will be available as soon as that warlock is ready. Rather than just sit there and whine you've done something productive. I applaud your efforts.
  7. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Actually, the thing in our way is NCWest getting permission from NCSoft to release Warlock prior to the level 50 patch, which is when it was released for every other region. This throws balancing the class for 45 into the mix as well, since as anyone who plays an assassin will tell you, releasing a class without level 45 balancing can really gimp your damage. So IF, and that's a BIG IF we see Warlock prior to the level 50 patch, NCWest pulled off one hell of an accomplishment.
  8. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Complaining Progression Chart: Warlock New Area Level 50 Soul Fighter Legendary Weapons Hongmoon Level 15 Mushin Tower Floors ???? Don't worry everyone, when Warlock finally comes out there will be plenty to complain about, so no need to get all your complaining out now. Save some for later.
  9. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    I was totally agreeing with you, the change is silly. The whole localization was silly. Recording the game in English makes sense, but don't change names, geeeez.
  10. Loot system - ABUSE!

    This is only a problem in their western markets, so no, it's not a design flaw. It's a flaw in how people in the west are brought up, we're taught to sacrifice our neighbor to succeed. Sorry you had to experience the scum of humanity, but we need a patch for the real world, not some digital game. Grab your pitchforks! -------------------------E
  11. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    To be fair, her name is "Karen" in the anime....
  12. Shy's Chibi Requests

    Just got home, I'll edit this post in a sec with a couple views for you! It's the one that drops in Blackram 24 man if that helps
  13. Proper dungeon etiquette

    Oh! Here's a good one too, Having 2 people assist with chi recovery makes it close to instant, so if someone goes down in a fight, two people who aren't tanking can break off and infuse usually getting them up before they can be completely down-and-out-ed. Takes about 2 seconds and gets the downed person back in the fight faster. Also don't release if you die in Blackram 6/4 man, you'll get sent back super far and will irritate your team while they wait for you to run back. We can rez you when the fight is over. The more I think about it, the more I think I realize I've gotten some pretty crappy groups over the last week... lol
  14. Proper dungeon etiquette

    Please add with the Blackram 6-man that you need to be properly geared, having just the Dokumo weapon is not enough, ensure that you are running with a viable Bopei (Soul Shield). I ran a Blackram 6-man last night with an Assassin that was using the Dokumo weapon and the Tomb of Exiles soul shield which left them with about 16k HP. Needless to say they died to pretty much everything, so we ended up having to leave him behind. Also in Blackram a BD can usually CC most adds in the boss fight, Slashimi's Aides if you don't have a FM and use one of the adds for evasion i-frames, the Destro add in the Chef fight, and the summoned add from Mak Sobo. The only one we can't CC is the kitties.
  15. Actually the Devs fixed the spam problem permanently last week, but everyone complained so they had to revert it. Removing chat entirely worked rather well in my opinion.