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  1. wow... didn't know BNS now support Ray Tracing huh? seem like you need to upgrade to nvidia RTX graphic card to play BNS... LOL it just WORK!!
  2. it's been stopped working for me since 23 nov... every time i open, it show "Failed to read content data from the update server. Check your network enviroment (ISP bla bla bla ... ) and try again" i send a report to my ISP, and they checking on it, so far they said (ISP) that they can't find any problem on their end. so i send a ticket to NC support, and the said "Hello, At this time, we are aware of the current issue regarding latency and we are currently looking into the issue. There is no ETA for the time it will be fixed. Your patience is appreciated regarding this matter.
  3. before start, make sure the game and NCLauncher is Close. 1. Move the Game folder on your C: drive to other drive that you like ( like D:), if you didn't change the game location during the installation, the game should be at C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS , so you just Cut (make sure you CUT, don't use "copy" cause we need NCLauncher can't find the game so that we can do the next step) the NCSOFT or BnS Folder and paste to other drive. 2. open NCLauncher and it will show that your bns is not install and ask you to install the game. just click the small icon near the "Inst
  4. my guess is 3. since the IPv4 address is running out.. my ISP start giving user "private ip" address when they connect to them. i need to call them and "lie" about my CCTV remote access can't work with private ip address to ask them give me a public IP... but from the picture above... seem like then still route all connect to their "inside monitor system".. that's why after my public ip then go to some "private ip address" belong to their system. i already email my problem to them and they ask me to send them some PingPlotter result... now all i can do is just wait... this is t
  5. thanks. i don't use any VPN service, that is my line direct connect to my ISP, and Yes! i know my shitty ISP monitor and filter all user connection, that's why after my public ip address then go to the private ip address "inside" the ISP. when the country is so corrupt and the ISP is in a monopoly business.. this shitty ISP is my ONLY option.. LOL
  6. Hi, i been play this game since 2016, and recently i get a lot of disconnect from server(when in game) or can't connect to log in server error(when try to log in the game). then i summit a ticket and they ask me to use a tools "WinMTR" to do some connection test to the server (icmp.us.ncwest.com) . the problem come and go very often . but mostly at 7pm to 12AM (when everyone is after work and start using internet.) And i am sure when the problem happen, i am the only one using my line, no other people is using it. and all other Youtube, web browsing don't have any problem , but when
  7. try download GPU-Z or MSI afterburner , and monitor the CPU and GPU temp when you gaming.. i am 90% sure it's Overheat!
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