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  1. Recently rolled up a Lyn and it is so much fun I can barely stop. Character creation was much tougher too! Did a lot of work on the cheeks, to make them not look as puffed-out and childlike, wanted something closer to teen... I'm super happy with what I got. I think I found a perfect second character to play alongside my Jin KFM main, and she looks perfect as well! 2+ hours and my Alteration Voucher from the founders pack were put to wonderful use. Now whenever it gets too frustrating to Counter a lot, I'll play as a Lyn who zooms around while cu
  2. I have a few new ones! I am so in love with this game oh my gosh >//< I should try to make them smaller... could have sworn there was something in the Options menu to reduce the size of screenshots... Here's one of me with my best friend (whom is on the right), took it in secret ^^
  3. There's never such a thing as too much time to be creative! Whenever I play Dark Souls I easily spend 30 ish minutes making a new character-- with B&S I spent well over an hour fine-tuning everything about my beloved creation. It's not wrong to be passionate about a thing you're fond of! That and if your character is modeled after yourself, if you own an outfit that looks like that that is amazing. Bet it looks sexy as hell on you, man o_o Either way I am a fan of your design!
  4. That must look fantastic with the Cerulean Order outfits, I'm imagining. Are we going to become rivals?? Either way, I am a fan!
  5. I've been looking forward to a new thread like this ever since the forums from the beta period were wiped! Here's my ideal appearance. honest to god I don't think I have ever played a prettier game in my entire life >///<
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