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  1. Recently rolled up a Lyn and it is so much fun I can barely stop. Character creation was much tougher too! Did a lot of work on the cheeks, to make them not look as puffed-out and childlike, wanted something closer to teen... I'm super happy with what I got. I think I found a perfect second character to play alongside my Jin KFM main, and she looks perfect as well! 2+ hours and my Alteration Voucher from the founders pack were put to wonderful use. Now whenever it gets too frustrating to Counter a lot, I'll play as a Lyn who zooms around while cu
  2. Don't feel too bad. Regium Corvus is kinda cool, but not having it is not a big loss. Several of the already-in-game outfits probably look just as cool/cute/sexy on you if not moreso! You DEFINITELY got all the important things on that board; huge surplusses of free Keys, Talismans and upgrade materials that make your actual gameplay go by a hell of a lot smoother! I'd even mail (or sell, hehe) you my Regium Corvus if trading it were possible, man. I mean it's pretty sexy on my tan-skinned Jin but Soulmate is absolutely heart-racing in comparison; I just work the shades
  3. Do IP Addresses change?? I always thought they were hardcoded into the modems or something... I sound like such an idiot right now and I'm hating it o_o;; and the panic attack is making it worse or like the other way around or something I dunno
  4. About 15 minutes ago I just tried to log into Blade & Soul, typed in my email and password to log in, and it told me "Unauthorized IP Address, a confirmation email will be sent to you shortly". When I went to log in to these forums, it said the exact same thing. My question is: is this normal to happen every so often? maybe due to cookies resetting for example? The reason I ask is, about an hour or two ago, my internet abruptly died for no reason (the stupid windows troubleshooter said "turn the modem off and on again", I did that, it didn't work and the troubleshoo
  5. I'm only through half of your original post and I can already say: you speak Word of God. There's a huge difference between constructive criticism and WHINING! One is, well, constructive, the other is a child throwing a fit. I get sad that so many players are CHOOSING to be a fit-throwing child; yes it is a CHOICE, the other choice is to do the thing that you pointed out which is recommend what could be done to make it better, and promote an actual discussion! Discussion eventually leads to resolution, which leads to change of some sort, albeit it is quite a gradual process; might
  6. so many posts already holy cow PSSSHHH you're probably one of those Monster Energy Drink guys huh? NICE. I think I'm going to laugh every time I look at the hornet-like chat now and imagine such a thing. xD Well thank you!! Just from the short paragraph I've met of you, I'm thinking you're pretty nice too :] I relate to this a lot. Also, people say that "you shouldn't let simple words hurt you" but I don't think that in anyway justifies general mean-spiritedness whether it's "just words" or not. Being behind the screen doesn't mean th
  7. I loved this! Reading this story of yours got me a bit hyped up over the joys there are in open-world PvP. I had very similar frustrations to the original-poster, it might be from me being too spoiled on Dark Souls, I think the right word is "overwhelmed" because the open-world stuff is such a new experience to me. But, thinking about it like an ongoing war and the "griefing" being a tiny part of the bigger picture is pretty cool. It's like roleplaying of a sorts, isn't it? I can get behind that. You said the other guy's "got your back" message peeved you off though? I don't unders
  8. I'm happy to hear you're loving the game so much! I'm the same, some of the areas are breathtaking to look at; I think I cried when I got to Dragonscale for the first time. My only input as for the PvP issue is this; open-world faction PvP is a LOT more upsetting and "un-balanced" than the 1-on-1 Duel Arena. In Duels, you don't have griefers that are literally finding joy in ruining your game, you just have one opponent scaled to the same level as you, trying to win against you just like you are against him, and when you predict his move right you can get excited, or when he predic
  9. I will preface this post by saying I'm not calling anyone or any group out for anything, nor is this meant as an angry rant or whine or whatever. Actually I'm just curious about other people's opinions on it (seeing if I'm alone or not) and am interested maybe in a personal solution for myself (other than "ignore it"). So! I'm brand new to this genre of gaming (calling it the "hypercompetitive multiplayer" sub-genre, same vein as League or Starcraft where leaderboards and rankings and moving up are the actual objects of the game, etc), I got into Blade&Soul because I'm a junkie
  10. Animation cancelling is a big part of MANY competitive games. Super Smash Bros (most of all Melee, but all of them to some degree) is a major title that comes to many peoples' minds, with Wavedashing being so crucial in tournament-tier play. Dark Souls, the community I hail from, had that too, especially Dark Souls 2 and its excellent PvP scene; faster-swinging weapons could cancel straight into a roll (aka dodging) so you could hit and dodge at the same time, but the cost was it'd drain Stamina (your "actions meter", think of it as a Cooldown meter that every action in the game sh
  11. Hi, I'm "Akari Lolita" in-game and this guild sounds absolutely wonderful! I love fun, I love ecchiness and I dislike drama. Seems our goals are the same and I'd be delighted to join you guys and wear the Ecchi label proudly. :] Please let me know when you have an opening! I live in the Pacific Timezone (two hours behind in-game time) and am online most of the day since the game aired.
  12. I have a few new ones! I am so in love with this game oh my gosh >//< I should try to make them smaller... could have sworn there was something in the Options menu to reduce the size of screenshots... Here's one of me with my best friend (whom is on the right), took it in secret ^^
  13. There's never such a thing as too much time to be creative! Whenever I play Dark Souls I easily spend 30 ish minutes making a new character-- with B&S I spent well over an hour fine-tuning everything about my beloved creation. It's not wrong to be passionate about a thing you're fond of! That and if your character is modeled after yourself, if you own an outfit that looks like that that is amazing. Bet it looks sexy as hell on you, man o_o Either way I am a fan of your design!
  14. That must look fantastic with the Cerulean Order outfits, I'm imagining. Are we going to become rivals?? Either way, I am a fan!
  15. I've been looking forward to a new thread like this ever since the forums from the beta period were wiped! Here's my ideal appearance. honest to god I don't think I have ever played a prettier game in my entire life >///<
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