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  1. But you bought them! they got your money so it was a good update xD
  2. hello everyone ! returning player here, been a very long time, and alot of content is updated.. i usualy play FM(HM5) with a warlock on the side (45) i got a few qeustions, anything special about pets ? how do i get one ? where does the silverfrost transofrmation stone recipe drop ? can i maybe solo that place ? (FM HM5 with about 500 ap) any good place for solo farming frozen stingers and moonstones ?
  3. Hello, i've been away for the game for a long time, and wanted to check out the new stuff today, so i installed BnS again... but when i want to start the client ( yes in admin mode) it gives an error msg about running a debugger and that i should unload it... but i dont know anything about some debugger.. i also tried rebooting the system but that doesnt seems to work.. anyone know of this problem ? any suggestions ? thanks in advance
  4. My reasons are more simple ;p i'm to much of a casual at this game, i can only spend 2-3 hours max on this game everyday and i feel like i need to fork over real money just to get ahead in the game to much cash shop for me, this game is simply NOT for casuals who dont want to spend alot of money to progress. that's why i didnt renew premium and even stopped logging in past week, i'll probaly quit the game though since i realy feel that ncsoft is mainly filling their pockets with this game
  5. do you have the recipie ? you need the moonwater recipe, it drops in brightstone
  6. yup +1 i've reported some myself and also there are/were alot of threads here on the forum with videoproof and screenies, some of em got removed though probaly cuz of name and shame etc
  7. I'M a EU player so we have the previous NA outfit and i realy want that one ! gonna be ok though we still have some days left i'm certain i'll get it, but yeah if your from NA you have night luna, majority of EU players hated that outfit too lol
  8. i'm premium also so i roll 3 times a day, currently i'm at 68.... i need some of your luck mate :( i'll probaly make it though
  9. Can i haz your stuff ?
  10. since youre a FM like me i can tell you what to do, you got the book and fan, nice go to mushins tower and talk to the old geezer ( you'll see a qeust marker, he's near you when you windstride) then talk to old man cho near the watchtowers ( he;s up on a rock) go do brightstone and be sure to pick up the qeust item from the last boss ( yeah, the trash boss lee something) talk to the old geezer in mushins tower, buy the needed item for 10 soulstones from the merchant where you bought the fan at this point you'll need a achievement to be able t
  11. it's that green thingie for reinforcement xp right ? you go to upgrade and add a weapon, and then you add the charm yup stupid easy huh ? but you put the weapon first and then you can select the charm
  12. i actualy wonder if the market will settle down at all, i mean with each upgrade we need more and more soulstones and if u transmute items you'll need em also so i think it's only getting more expensive since the demand for it is only rising and there isnt realy a good way to get them outside of pvp/faction related qeusts
  13. prices will drop eventualy, do you realy need all that gear right now ?
  14. ATM i'm sitting at 457 ap and i usualy have trouble in the silverfrost dungeons, sometimes it happens that i take agro and cannot shake it though.. that might be deadly on bosses but other then that no problem
  15. hell island/ infernal battlefield, takes place in the dessert at certain times.. we had a event last weekend when it was accessible but they turned it off with last patch for some reason, so i guess its something to look forward to. other then that its 6v6 i cannot answer if its clan vs clan, maybe we'll get more info when its about to be released, and i realy hope that we'll see it soon :D
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