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  1. You completely missed the topic by 1000000 light years. OP is comparing the cost of the current raid path with the cost of the upcoming raid path change. And yes after talking with some of the vet players, this looks more like a rebalance ( debalance as some might call ) and it is even more expensive than the current one we have.
  2. the skill Crosshairs will be available once your target is in a "Restrained" status. Restrain status happens when a Destroyer or a Blade Dancer grabs said target.
  3. Hope ya'all feel proud of yourself for necro'ng a thread since Sep. >.>
  4. For someone that is willing to let myself get beaten up mercilessly in 6v6 just to get the moonstone, it is still awefully tiresome, one can only let themselves get beaten up so much before it get irritating. Just need 1 person from the other team that has the gear of a gold ranked 6v6 player in a bronze or silver match is enough to watch the other team get decimated 1v6. It is pretty much in every single match even. 21 matches straight, only 4 wins. [removed broken image - PhoenixMitra]
  5. As far as I understand, the box only drop during weekend now, after a change that was made to SSP.
  6. It is fun to see people still consider B&S to be P2Progress, oh my sweet sweet naive childs.~
  7. Behold !!! This is what happens when you decide to release a game with content rushing strategy, but without any thought/plan on reducing the materials needed to upgrade the equipment from the beginning; or maybe you did have some thought/plan on such, but for the sake of maximum short term profit, you just willingly ignored it and play them trove/luck box cards instead. This isn't the first and won't be the last time this happen, so have fun watching all your hard work get thrown out the window further down the road folks.
  8. Your expectation isn't wrong, it is misplaced. That kind of expectation belong to subscription model games which every time you pay to get in the club is equivalent to every time you pay to renew your subscription. Meanwhile if you apply that expectation in a B2P model, it is like you want to pay one time to enter the club, and get your service for free for the rest of your life time there. Sorry to pop the bubble, but business doesn't work that way, only your entitlement attitude does.
  9. How does it has higher income, when you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO PAY to play the game, to experience it to a certain extend in 7 days or more before officially decide to buy it ? and even if you decide to pay for it officially, the game basic package is only $10, which is laughably cheaper than 1 single outfit in B&S, the more fancier package is $30 and the most expensive one is $50 AND right now Pearl Abyss is offering them at 50% discount also. "Step out and see the real TRUE world" alright ~ lol
  10. There is a few things that I learnt during all that year playing MMO and dealing with MMO community that is: + Never ever ever attempt to argue reasonably with ignorant die hard fan boys/girls , uninformed players. + Don't feed trolls. So, all I did is showing how other company managed an "holiday event" in comparison to NCsoft. Being able to face the fact without bias or not, that is entirely on you. Pearl Abyss opens sale on all items during holiday, had GM in game and organized a small GM vs players event where everyone had fun and many more, meanwhile, w
  11. To be more accurate, B&S's art style is unique but the graphic quality is rather outdated. Also~ this is how PA run there holiday cash shop sale. Daily sale on selected - already existed items in ingame cash shop - new rotation after every 24hrs.
  12. Boy~ someone really needs to step up their game alright ~ instead of just milking 24/7~
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