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  1. What would be the second best after, soul warden,merry,tree feller and the last one I forgot.. so.. yeah.. is radiant ring, acquired taste etc better? I am trying to make money
  2. Happened with hajoons mild hongmoon noodles for me too
  3. You guys ready for the plebs

    @Samuel IKR, exactly how I feel haha
  4. Finally got my red mask after 78 runs!!!

    I am over 80+ still nothing ha Q.Q
  5. Daily Quest limit? / Market gear

    I can't open chests at the end of the dungeon now lol theres a restriction for that too right?
  6. Finally got my red mask after 78 runs!!!

    where do you see how many runs? or do you just count?
  7. Never been there, so is better to change to that set or no?
  8. How many do you get from quests in total? and where?
  9. Premium Member Queue

    @DarknessFalls Yup, had 2 black screen so far
  10. I am fine with queues for the first time but the disconnections and black screens upsets me more, because then I gotta wait another 4 hours.. I like #3, Extending headstart would be great.(I wish)
  11. Premium Member Queue

    My queue in mushin went from 1300 in queue with 125mins to 178 to 199 back to 167 then 107 and now 148 around 1590 in queue.. feels like I am being pushed further to the end of the line
  12. Summoner Quest With Hajoon Stuck

    I ve never played the class yet or have any idea what the skill does... but did he get knocked down yet? ?>? lol..
  13. Yeah, I want/need to adjust my time too :/
  14. Game Client Not working Jan 10th

    Yup mines stuck on verifying, either at 1% or 2 %