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  1. French player here, for now the only soluce my friends and I have, is to switch your azerty keyboard to qwerty (alt+MAJ) and to go to keyboard option in game and changing/adding the problematic keys. Be careful, you will have to go back to azerty mode to write since 1 or 2 keys will be switched. Hope this helps.
  2. i'm not sure, which miniboss do you talk about ? the 3 Gons (1 man and 2 women) ? if so, i did a little research, didn't find anything for the guy, but it appears that the girls are wearing an outfit like the one you can drop in the Desolate Tomb dungeon in Zaiwei.
  3. It took me ~80-100 runs to drop the red mask. Don't loose faith, people, you can do it (when farming the mini-dungeon, i recommend you to put your brain in zombie mode tho :'), i'm still farming the Naryu labyrinth for the last accessory and i'm at 262 runs 💪)
  4. Le succès "Râpé pour le Roi des Rapaces" est débloqué lorsque tu auras vaincu le Roi-Rapace 10 fois dans l'Aiguille de Perce-Ciel ^^
  5. Aaah, it's the same thing with bagua collections, you need to wear them one time to activate the success ^^
  6. Did you wear every outfit and accessories at least one time ? Maybe it's the problem ?
  7. Usually we're pretty alone until the story quests are done (golden and orange ones). For team activities, you can find clans to meet new people but the majority of them prefer having level 60 players to do dungeons together.
  8. Same for me, I'm not a long-time player (3 years) but I never saw that item drop in dungeon as well. I don't know for my fellow clan members and friends, but the drop rate is real weird.
  9. This is the cohesion level system, something that is level-upped with time and that gives health bonus (as well as other bonuses) to ALL characters that a player has. The higher cohesion level, higher are the bonuses. That's why a low-level character can have more health than usual, the person you saw must have a high-level main character (or at least, played the game long enough to actively push their cohesion to higher levels). For example, I personally have a 101 cohesion level (my main character is level 60 HM 22), so my freshly new characters will begin the game with bonuse
  10. Sorry for the double-post, my first link wasn't the right one apparently, here's the good one (i hope so) And thank you Myuuta !
  11. Character: Ishtaran Server: Jinsoyun [EU] Description: After a rather harsh fight against a common enemy and a generous reward in gold, it's time to relax and eat some nice food. https://i.postimg.cc/SQLwhq5C/cheers-2048x1200.jpg (not sure if the link works, i'm struggling with it)
  12. Yeah, because your main quest (the yellow one) isn't progressed enough, I think your orange quest is kinda stuck, as your story doesn't follow chronologically. Like Belido said, continue your main yellow quest in priority before returning on the orange one ^^
  13. Auteur: Suzuran Nom du personnage: Ishtaran Serveur: Jinsoyun [EU] Descriptif (FR): Un Lyn Lame Dansante se prépare au combat pour venger son clan. Description (EN): A Blade Dancer Lyn prepares himself for battle to avenge his clan.
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