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  1. Siren Illusion Weapon Skin

    Found the staff on the market so posting here for anyone else who is googling these skins lol
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

    And thats exactly why these boxes are a bad and people don't want them. But the guarantee outfit they are referring to is the one you get for buying the year sub from the store. It comes with a nice outfit.
  3. New RNG Box in Shop!

    For some people, it is a bit vital. My main draw to this game is how pretty it looks. I have a LOT of problems with this game as a game itself, that maybe are just not suited to my own tastes, but I want to keep playing it because it LOOKS pretty. My character is pretty. Outfits are pretty. And combat is entertaining enough to keep me going, even if I don't think its the best I've ever seen. But, thats me and I know for ACTUAL purposes, the costumes from the cash shop do not effect actual gameplay. However, those of us do exist to whom cosmetics can make or break a game.
  4. New RNG Box in Shop!

    It was mine. They just merged all the threads on the same topic
  5. New RNG Box in Shop!

    All I know is that: for me? Any costume or anything else in the cash shop thats in an RNG box, I won't buy it. Every new RNG box is new incentive for me not to purchase more NCoin, and not to spend more than what I already have. I'll save it for things where I can just buy the thing I want up front without hassle.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Seems like it. That was confusing for a bit.
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Because if people buy into these things, that is going to encourage NCSoft to put more and more cosmetics or whatever else inside an RNG box. Its ridiculous, if a new costume I want comes out I just want to buy it and have it, not gamble my money away on a shit chance to win it and still probably walk away with piles of stuff I didn't want.
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    It would be marginally more tolerable if the boxes or costumes were tradeable. If the costume was tradeable, then you could do what you will to guarantee that you get the thing you want - IE: Earn gold to buy it.
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I can easily afford to buy them. I'm still sitting on 4200NCoin from my Master Pack. I'm opposed to them, they're bullshit and always have terrible odds.
  10. New RNG Box in Shop!

    No! Stop encouraging them that these boxes are a good idea!
  11. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Here we go folks, its out first time to take a stand. We have a new costume available, but it is only available in an RNG box. I suggest we all not buy them - if you've played Tera ( where my experience with these kind of boxes comes from ), you know frustration of a nice costume you want being shoved inside an RNG box full of a bunch of crap you don't want when you're trying to get the costume. ( At least in Tera the costumes or boxes they came in were tradeable, I'll give them that. ). Don't buy them, vote with your money, and don't encourage NCSoft to go down the slippery slope of shoving everything cosmetic/nice inside a gamble box. If they keep up this trend, we all lose and they just get more and more money. Don't buy in! That is all. :I
  12. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    I can't seem to find the GameGuard folder. Is it in the BnS folder?
  13. Scarlet Shade Costume disappeared

    Lol this launch has been one great big hot mess on all fronts.
  14. Changing loot options to master loot should definitely be a vote.