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  1. Youa re a life saver. I hate this F12 thing, it takes forever and if its open you can't talk to NPCs and going into combat doesn't automatically turn it off. This is much easier.
  2. In Tera, if you bought Collectors Edition you got a cosmetic weapon skin, a mount ( white lion, not the blue horse they additionally offered to people who played when the game was sub.. which is also claimable on all characters, though ), and some jewelry in the pack. These items are always and forever claimable on each and every character you make forever. That is what I am talking about. These items don't just COME on your character, you go into the Item Claim system and choose to take them. BnS could really use something like that. Even in WoW, mounts and pets ( before they cons
  3. Considering this is a pretty standard practice, I can't imagine why it doesn't work that way in this game.
  4. Even in Tera 4 years after release, I can go back and claim my founder pack items on any and every new character I make. This is kind of ridiculous, and I hope at some point they fix it.
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