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  1. Yeah, I came back a while ago and I'm having such a hard time to enjoy a new character, worst when you reach Silverfrost some NPCs are like "I remember you" but they previous quests were removed =\ It's such an immersion break.
  2. Yeah, it's very frustrating and happens a lot during arena matches, making it hard to rely on it... I believe it's a desync between clients.
  3. Read this and you might understand why: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/219864-suggestion-dragon-fist-and-windstorm/
  4. Hello Blade and Soul Community, I've been playing Soul Fighter since its launch here on the western side and I've noticed a lot of trouble combo'ing Dragon Fist or Windstorm duo my high latency. So, I've been running up some tests and realized that a player with a ping about 120ms can use those skills up to 10 times, but players with higher latency have a longer response from the server and depending on that player's ping it can only complete a single cycle (5 times) or even less, leading to a poor overall damage. I would like to suggest the following changes: Instead of "available f
  5. @YoumukonSo, you telling that NCsoft will simply closes its eyes until it reaches 1:1? and of course there're thousands using it, even I use it, you made the hongmoon store an essencial thing to this game, F2P can't have wardrobe, for example, so they have to buy hm coins for more bank slots and inventory slots and now you introduced daily dungeons and soon weekly dungeons which drops essencial things for a character progress, besides the fact that they are the most beneficial instances from this "Merchant of Wonders" Event. The winning side only wants to win and this is not a war, it's the he
  6. @Youmukon The problem is there're way too many players selling gold, while there're way too few players buying it, also it was already stated by NCsoft that the currency exchange shows the lowest rate to buyers like (1:11.123>1:11.12) making players spam their sells with low values. At this point the currency exchange is completely in favor of the buyer, also many of them are seeing the prices drop and they are waiting until it reaches the lowest value and it will reach a point where the ratio will be at 1:1 and at this point the F2P community which relies on the hongmoon store with hongmoo
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