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  1. Hello! I already tried doing a quick search to see what threads have been made about this, so I hope I'm not being too redundant. The PvE weapon path has always used the purple dungeon weapon drops as breakthrough, to my knowledge. The change to Pristine Oils caught me off guard. As an Earth summoner, Wingsong is kind of my only option if I want to stay somewhat relevant, but I'm too hesitant to upgrade now. Oils are very expensive, and weapon has never needed them before. I did not see an explanation provided for the change, and since there haven't been any Q&A's via stream, I don't know how to get an answer. The only possible explanation I saw was that Pristine Oils were "fail-safe" in comparison to relying on RNG for the weapon chests. If that's the case, then may I suggest that we provide both options, instead of one or the other? 1) Implement using weapons (1 Prime Directive, 2 Stonescale), and 2) keep Pristine Oils as an alternative if the player is that unlucky. Thank you!
  2. Friends List is empty

    I implore NCSoft to please push for a definite fix. I heard that when you ask support for help, they will wipe your friends list, because the bug occurs when certain characters are added to the list. I don't want to have to ask for hundreds of names to be wiped from my list (I have close to 500 names to keep track of), just to appear online to my friends again. I have had your problem for several months now. Blade & Soul is an MMO. An MMO should be centered around interactions with other players. Please actually take this issue seriously.
  3. Blade & Soul acts as if items expire at 12 AM on the last day, when it should be up until 11:59 PM. Because of this, the antique window will pop up, misleading players into thinking they should get rid of their event currency when it can still be used. I had to check to make sure the event items were still on sale. I'm fortunate that the antiques window is buggy and doesn't always sell on the first try. Please fix this, and thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  4. I wish there was another version of this that was more attainable.. u _ u
  5. Sorry if this has already been said. Anyway, I've been keeping all the Moonwater recipes for Radiant Ring because it feels like a waste to throw them out. What if the recipes can unlock the accessories in the future? Seeing as level 45 content is now dead, it's really hard to gather people for E. Fleet. It used to be that the area was bustling with people running dailies for gold, but ever since the Silverfrost update, there's no more incentive to do the area except for the Siren Bracelets. That incentive alone isn't enough for players in faction chat to help out a fresh level 50. Even if you manage to get clan members or friends to help you, it will still take a while to spawn Poharan, and people would rather be doing things that fulfill their self-interests with that time (which is not a bad thing!!). And yes, even if you had essence to spin the wheel, that's still RNG, and you can still be unlucky. I understand people who have been selling the Bracelets for at least 10 gold will object to this, so I'm sorry. I am more concerned with the fact that newer players are completely barred from upgrading their bracelet because they need to either save up the money to buy the Bracelet off the player market, or have nice friends willing to spend at least an hour of their time to farm for the Bracelet in E. Fleet with them. And now, before an influx of arguments saying that those players should be working this hard for that Siren Bracelet, I'd like to remind you that this is a game, and not every player should have to dedicate hours upon hours of their time to enjoy it. It has taken all of my friends weeks to finally get that breakthrough, compared to the days for players who have been here since launch. Now is the time to bring back accessories. Adding Siren accessories back to Radiant Ring gives crafters more options than just diamonds. Optional: I don't think it'll harm player's profits if the recipe is adjusted in such a way that it's still "cheaper" to just farm E. Fleet. It's just nice to have an alternative. Thanks for listening. (Apologies for my lack of eloquence, I'm really bad at this argumentative style of writing ahaha *flails*)
  6. [Iksanun/Poharan] Need help with Sogun's Lament

    Hello, I am also from the same server group. ^^ My clan is small and casual, but we have plenty of capable members for Silverfrost dungeons, and are always willing to explain mechanics. Let me know if you'd ever like to party up!
  7. Summover VS Ironheart and Naksun

    Thank you, this really helped me out!
  8. If you ever need my help, add Lanuri#0424 on Discord (so you can contact me) and I will gladly run BSH with you over cross-server until you get your bracelet. This goes for any other undergeared players that chance this thread! I have a clan dedicated to helping others, and we'll gladly befriend you. Basically, the thing about BnS is that yeah, it ***ing sucks that 45-level content got killed. It ***ing sucks that NCSoft seems to be catering only to end-game, and that the only way to reliably run pre-level 50 content is to wait until Soul Fighter comes out (due to an influx of new players). But like in any other MMORPG, being in a clan and making friends will help you get through all that. *Braces self for eye-rolls.*
  9. BnS Text Errors

    @iDakota Haha, thank you for the edit. (Late reply, I know.) I stopped checking back on this thread because I felt that none of it really mattered. Sometimes, I'd go on new characters to find out that the errors were still there, and it was pretty demoralizing. I should probably go back to adding text errors though, so I appreciate that you added onto the thread. =)
  10. Refund for lost time???

    It's a lot easier to keep track of when a month is up as opposed to when x amount of minutes have been used up.
  11. Change Whispers Back

    Yeah, I made this thread a few minutes before that was posted, so I was unaware it wasn't intentional. XD
  12. Let me draw your Lyn

    @Reiji I recommend editing on your new drawings to the original post, because otherwise, they'll get lost under all the reference images.
  13. Could you screenshot? By "grayed out," you mean on your hotkeys? EDIT: Turns out someone else on the forums has this problem. Have you tried restarting your launcher? If you're desperate, maybe "repair files" on the launcher before you go into game.