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  1. I am considering coming back to bns but wanted to ask a thing or two first before investing loads of time into the game again. I was wondering how populated the game is now days and if it's worth putting the time into catching up again in game. I probably would need to find a new clan to join and always enjoyed playing the game. I'd say my main concern is mostly about the game's player population. I'm all for grinding and whatever is needed but I would be running some level 50 and 55 dungeons. My highest character was level 55 HM 9 so really I guess my question is would it be worth returning t
  2. I'm just going to reply in general to a few posts. The Catalyst or CCC for Radeons is still there. Crimson software is just a front end to control all of that. I suppose it just makes a lot of things easier but it doesn't really matter. I get 120,121 fps which obviously is the max and in dungeons 60-90 even in boss battles my fps rarely drops below 60. The only places I've seen it drop below 60 really is in towns with lots of npcs and players making for a really crowded area. Everyone here will have to realize that there is nothing any of us can do to fix performance problems. That
  3. The problems with fixing a game like this is that it's a MMO which is live and online 24/7. If the devs fixed everything then when they went to implement it, the game might be offline as long as a day or two and publishers generally wouldn't be on board for that since the cash flow would be halted. This game is host and maintained by NCsoft West and if the the dev team, I think it was bloodlust if I remember right, if the dev team or publisher wanted these types of major changes and overhauling then the publisher would spend a lot more money having to pay the devs to do it, implement it. This,
  4. What should have been said is that this game as does other f2p MMOs, needs people spending money and those people call whales are big supporters of the game financially. I spend some money but not a lot, premium, $10 or $20 here n there but it's for things like outfits, more storage inventory etc. I never liked the idea of spending real money to obtain gold but some people very likely don't have near as much free time as others and use real money to speed up things where they can. Of course there are the ones that simply like to spend money to progress faster and have more but it is what it is
  5. This started after an update maybe 1 1/2 weeks ago, if I remember correctly. I just returned to the game a few weeks ago though. I was getting the max the game allows, 120-121fps and in crowded areas 70-90fps. Since that update, patch or whatever it was, my fps is more around 90-110 solo and 50-70 in a crowd and I've seen it dip low as 40s in a crowd recently which just seemed wrong in so many ways.
  6. I was wondering myself because after the most recent update my fps went from 100-120 fps down to 60-80 and sometimes even below 60 which was never the case before the update. Something from the recent update screwed up something but I'm sure it'll be fixed. I just hope they don't take their time with something that is likely quite simple for them to correct. I really prefer my fps being more around 120 where the game caps it at, in dungeons and 60-80 in really crowded open world areas. It really can get annoying when a developer mistake causes any of us to lose a significant amount of fps from
  7. Koreans are typically better because they devote more time and effort into MMOs where as most Americans on a MMO will play regularly but won't come close to matching the time and effort put in by many of the Korean players. Failing a dungeon can be annoying sometimes but really shouldn't be a big deal since this is a game after all and is supposed to be for fun. Mechanics for dungeons can be learned but each person should be good with their chosen class so they properly contribute to the party. People should be happy that content is being pushed out regularly. A lot of MMOs go on b
  8. Also anyone fairly new to the game should realize that they can have a much easier progression through the levels and different pieces of gear than we did when the game first launched. I just came back yesterday after having not played since a couple months after things like Avalanche Den with Yeti was the top dungeon. We had to do everything the hard way before that and then also. This was the time where unless you put together a group ahead of time, you had a chance of being grouped with people not geared enough to finish the dungeon before he enraged and wiped everyone. Now days, I would as
  9. I've played several MMOs that allowed animations to be canceled, that's not something new and definitely not a cheat. It's just a matter of knowing when an attack will do its damage during its animation and using a different skill at the right now to cancel the longer animation with a shorter one while still doing damage from the previous and current attack both. It's really just people optimizing their damage output more. Removing this would be bad due to the boss's enrage timers. Daybreak removed it from DC Universe Online and it was an unpopular change, removing the ability to cancel animat
  10. Yeti can be done fine with 400AP and some dungeons with much lower but usually it's a matter of do I either have the time to potential spend or do I want to risk spending excess amounts of time in a dungeon. I started on BSC and BSH way back at like I think it was 346AP and began Yeti runs with 421AP. I don't play nearly as much as I used to so my gear upgrading is slow now days, been at 461AP for a while but will make more time to get geared better when I get around to it. My thing is since a lot of times, my time is limited, I'll either post or look for 450AP or higher groups so that I can r
  11. Everywhere I go, I see bots in this game. They're like a plague or something. I would say that NCSoft could add in where we enter a pin when entering an instanced dungeon but there are so many bots in the open world too that it would just further ruin open world areas. The only thing certain that I can say is that I've seen it on several MMOs where bots would become a problem and the devs would put a stop to it. Sometimes it took time but the result was little to no bots. It seems NCSoft isn't even making an effort. Sometimes I wonder if some of the staff for NA are simply incompetent or somet
  12. It's nice for everyone to have opinions but there are different ways to look at this. A lot of people that buys gold with real money are likely people that don't have a lot of free time. These people can't spend several hours every day to farm a dungeon until they have what they want or farm for gold. These people will use some of their real money to reduce the time spent to obtain certain things. Of course some people abuses this by using real money simply to feel elite and have the best of something as fast as possible. Real money and even time spent in a game does not equate to skill. The o
  13. It's a two way deal though. People will buy gold but people also sell gold for hongmoon coins which benefits those that either are not or cannot spend real money on the game. I buy ncoin but I use it for vanity or luxury. I personally think it's stupid to spend real money to buy gold but each to their own, however it will benefit people eventually that wants to sell gold for hongmoon coin.
  14. Why would anyone even consider changing out between that many outfits to even care about having a wardrobe?
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