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  1. Name shaming is against the Forum rules....
  2. Well, if you like to see your Baleful/Seraph weapon RNG upgrade Fail hell yea go ahead and play BNS KR. Keep in mind that you need maxed out gear there to even do the new LVL55 Raid. Have fun to achieve that before we get the content here in EU/NA :P. ah yea and another thing, you dont speak Korean, bye they dont want you and accept you there.
  3. Its pretty simple to still do it with 5 or less. Create an alliance, kick others and keep the 5 players in your alliance. Problem solved.
  4. FM nice try. The current strongest classes are SF/BD with high burst and sustain dps. For bursts SIN is unbeatable but their sustained dps is mid tier. FM comes after SF and BD in sustained dps and burst. Have Fun.
  5. This compensation is the best you've ever done. I really wanted to thank you for this. for everyone else read this :
  6. IP is registered in Austin Texas, the servers are in Frankfurt / Germany ffs. Database/Login servers same as market are in austin Texas as far as I remember. https://i.imgur.com/qDURmMA.png
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