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  1. Bug Gamepad 360 Xbox - Analog Cursor

    I also have the same issue. I'm using a PS3 controller in xbox mode with the Motioninjoy driver. Everything is working normally except when moving the cursor in the UI, the X axis works as expected, but as soon as you move up or down the Y axis, the X-position is reset to 0 (the left of the screen). This forces me to move the Y position 1st to where I wanna go then move the cursor to the right. Does anyone know what could be the fix for this ? Thank you.
  2. Quest Bugged: The Call of the Warring Factions

    I'm having the same problem, I wonder what could be done to solve it .. EDIT: Never mind, I was clicking the "select quest" button thinking that was how I was supposed to select the faction, but it only reset the dialogue. I was supposed to keep clicking on the dialogue to progress further.