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  1. Can anyone that has played other regions please tell me if this ever got fixed, I know we are still on 2012 content so 4 years of updates away from where it is now, I don't mind spending time leveling all alts where it is bearable due to low crit chance if I knew that at some point this would be fixed, but as I can no longer play endgame at all because of this, it would be pointless to waste the time leveling if this never gets fixed in some form.
  2. FM is the worst one for me I had to pretty much bench it weeks ago, my other characters it is just screen shake on crit, FM is on crit but also on every single lmb attack, video below of how much the screen shakes from from spamming lmb+rmb on FM this is what I get constantly every fight, focus on the pillar on the left, looks like a damn earthquake.
  3. There is no link, I have tried every suggested edit I could find before now and none of them do anything, I think this is an option that cannot be turned off and I am playing less and less because of it giving me headaches, now that I have so much crit my camera doesn't stop shaking when fighting it can be as less as 10min into the game that I get a headache, I have been logging out as soon as I get the headache and logging back in when it has gone, but I have not even managed to stay online long enough to finish dailies on a single character today and I first logged in 10 hours ago, I find n
  4. At the very least destroyers do have it, however it is only on crits for every class, crit chance is so high on here that your screen shakes a lot, heck after uploading a video to youtube it asked me if it wanted to try and correct the shakyness of the video >< The biggest problem however is that not only is crit high, the latest content patch added a buff, whenever you kill a boss or named mob within esc/nsh you gain a stacking crit buff for 15mins, this stacks up to 10 times and gives most people near 100% crit chance, after doing the daily quests in both areas I normally
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