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  1. Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place but as there is no proper server forums this seemed like the best place to put this. We are currently looking for 1 member for our static on Ebon Hall, we are looking for either a KFM or BM that is willing to tank. We plan to do most of the static runs in the morning approx 9am-4pm CET daily Our current members are Summoner Azrai, Force Master Erlect and Warlock Lethl We currently use discord for voice communication so need to be able to join on that. For any more information please contact one of us ingame.
  2. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Something that might help, I noticed that gamemon.des taking up a massive amount of cpu resources(upwards of 80% spikes) causing fps to plummet when the game was under high load, open the task manager and right click on the process and change the priority to low and set process affinity to a single core, I'm still getting fps drops, but this has helped me somewhat as it cannot spike to stupid usage levels now, this is also only a temp change too you will need to do this every time you open the client.
  3. Stayed up all night, Level 44.

    mmo's in general are extremely time consuming they have always been this way and everyone knows this already now if you choose to play as a casual then don't expect to meet all of the time sensitive events. depending on how fast you level just 30-60mins a day is more than enough for the event, the bns leveling is very fast compared to other mmo's so 3 weeks was more than enough time.
  4. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    The problem here is that you chose to open a dispute claim with pay pal, as soon as you did so a ban was incoming, and a lot of other game companies would do the same, loss of play to an account even if you have premium with no return for it is covered in their terms, think of it like renting a house, even if the landlord accidentally locks you out for 2days by mistake, it is up to him if you have to pay, if you decide you want the entire month returned to you and go around him to get it, he is within his rights to kick you out of the property.
  5. Gameguard needs to go away.

    You fail to realise that it is possible to disable GG with a google search and about 3mins of your time, you can turn it off with a simple file switch, gameguard is not stopping anyone from doing anything, just annoying players.
  6. Maintenance

    I don't think I'd mind, as bad as gameforge is, I think they would do a better job for EU than NCSoft is doing right now.
  7. Looting Scam - is it bannable?

    Yes NCSoft should have realised the exploits and fixed them beforehand but that doesn't mean they shouldn't ban for them and I find it highly likely that anyone defending this major loot issue is probably one of the people that will get banned as a result. if you steal items from other players then you should be punished.
  8. Looting Scam - is it bannable?

    We will just have to wait until tomorrow to see how it works, we all know their Korean translating skills are worse than google translate, so it wouldn't surprise me if the wording in the patch notes are wrong.
  9. Looting Scam - is it bannable?

    This is great until you realise that heroic is purple items, all of the brightstone items including tears and recipes are blue items and not heroic, they can still be taken with master looter.
  10. The 3 Groups that Enter Bloodshade Harbor

    The only problem with clans on here is the maximum size, if you play every class, then you might only spend 2 hours on your main daily right now and you cant bring all your alts in because the clans abysmal size makes this impossible unless you want to have a clan that consists of about 8 people, so you hardly spend any time with them, and trying to find a clan is equally hard because unless it is a brand new one most of them are full up, the whole system is just terrible for alt players, so I am clanless now and probably never will be able to join a clan unless they bump the limit high enough that I can bring every character in like on other mmo's.
  11. Question about temptation costume

    It is a poor choice of words from NC that makes it seem like it is rng in the box with the other items even though it is not the case.
  12. 3/3/2016 Warlock patch time?

    An estimation based on last patch will be something close to maintenance at 11pm on the 2nd and then servers up around 5am on the 3rd, not counting any extension that will likely happen.
  13. New on BnS Twitter

    From the challenge page listed above. "can expect to receive their rewards the day after maintenance each week (March 10, 17, and 24) following when they hit level 45" So all the new warlocks that hit max on Thursday/Friday will spend 5/6 days running around in hongmoon uniform or *insert junk non-lock costume* instead of the warlock one because they are too incompetent to make an automated mail system.
  14. why is there no lynn bloodshade outfit

    The reasoning is a lot simpler than that, unless they stand to make money for it, if it isn't in the Korean version it wont be in ours, besides they have ruined enough of the costumes when they butcher them for lyn to make them tame, I understand the reasoning, but lyn have 2 classes that cannot be any other race, and most of the costumes for them are terribly made compared to the other race versions.
  15. 2nd character

    Just level both up, PvP wise the BD will be far easier than the warlock in terms of skill and effort needed to rank up on the current balance, BD is near the top of the list and warlock is at the very bottom, however warlocks are great for PvE everyone will want at least 1 in each party for a combination of the awakened skills and the damage they bring.