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  1. Game won't load!

    I was able to log in after updating and was extremely laggy so went to reboot there was an update and now game takes a good 30 minutes to verify files when it shouldn't be verifying to begin with. Then it will go to the image but stay on image and wont go to game passcode screen it stays on the image pls help very aggravated it take 10 hours to get on to the game let alone play.... ready to quit as it bs every time I want to play this game.... I have been at this for 5 hours now if someone tells me to reinstall it will be getting unistalled...
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    Lmao was hoping to play while at work :( and reading all these posts while waiting bns is a new meth drug out on the world wide web by the looks of it patience's they been working around the clock like mad I'm sure way before the game even came out I send them all good energetic vibes ;) you guys work to hard and I appreciate all the work and over time you guys are dealing with so Ty
  3. Queue is BS!!!

    you still had to wait with premium o wow im thinking back to ffxiv and give it 3 months for them to fix there crappy servers mail service is another bs move on there part which will make people leave cause tis aint worth the wait times and the other bs in my books love this game but not enough to deal with all the stuff they need to fix
  4. Queue is BS!!!

    I afk for 5 minutes to get food and let my dogs out come back and in the middle of lvling and get kicked and have to wait over an hour to get back in is total bs why did i get logged out of game to start with... you guys should be kicking the spammers and not the actual players if you want to keep people playing this game that would be a good start as there hogging up the servers and someone messages u or anything u don't get anything or see ur achievements or anything cause of it not to happy right now