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  1. I'm frustrated to no end at how this is done, and the worst part is I've probably asked this question before and got answered. Please someone explain to me how to join or start a 12-man raid. I'd deeply appreciate it.
  2. Where is this letter for me to read? I can't find it.
  3. It isn't there. There isn't a letter addressing this quest in my unopened letters. It isn't in my open quests either.
  4. I have enough Hellion Core to get Quickgrip Gloves, but I haven't unlocked the quest mentioned in the title. Where do I go to do this? These things to "unlock" aren't explained. Is there someplace to see what these things are and where they can be "unlocked"?
  5. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    I've been playing B&S on my current computer for four months, and it played perfectly until today. Now, the graphics fps rate is like watching a crappy Hanna Barbara cartoon from the 1970's. It is TERRIBLE. So, I downloaded "Ping Killer," but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. I'm not sure if there is something in the settings that I'm missing, but I've done several things with it, but it's not helping. I don't know if it's something that I did while playing, because it suddenly went "bad" while I was playing with a 6-player team, and I went worthless in seconds because I couldn't play properly. I'm pretty tech-illiterate, so any step-by-step suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm not sure what this is about, but it appears that you can lock skills that have already been unlocked, and I'd like to know if there would be any good reason to do so. And, if so, can locking away lesser advantageous abilities make my character's attacks and defense stronger?
  7. Locking already unlocked skills...

    I appreciate the reply, thanks. Are there any posts on suggestions of what skills aren't advantageous in order to make the best use of what you can do? My primary character is a force master, but I'm also using others. I'm REALLY uninformed about what I'm supposed to do in order to make full use of what these guys can do, so any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  8. I've had some success with one-on-one matches, but it seems like as my character (a Kung fu Master with 50 HM 10 level ranking) gets more equipment and stuff that improves its abilities, it gets weaker in PVP fights. I mean, yesterday I couldn't even get close to winning any matches. I lost every single round in at least six matches, and I could hardly damage anybody. I felt like nobody out there. So, what am I doing wrong? I'm not the most skilled "fighter" there is, and I'd wager I'm in the lower tier of skilled players, but I've managed to win at times, but yesterday I felt helpless out there. Are people doing stuff that makes their character better in these matches that I'm not doing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I guess you could say that I'm a bit "casual" about this, mostly because I'm ignorant about "builds" and stuff that enables your character to perform at its best and highest potential. Where do I go to learn more about this stuff?
  9. Today I was in a 6-player dungeon, and while we were killing the last boss, I noticed a red "x" above the head of my character, which didn't go away after the boss was dead. Why was that there? Was it put there by other players or something? Was I not doing something right, and I was "marked" for it? Please, someone, explain...
  10. I'm probably asking a question that I'll regret...

    I think that I was the only one "marked," so why would that happen with me in particular, what would that purpose be, and why would I be able to see it? Also, a red "x" seems to me to be something negative. Seemed to me like I was adding to the damage count, and the monster was even targetting me quite often (a force master). What reason could this be other than to mark me for something I either was or wasn't doing? I don't get it.
  11. Evolving soul shield pieces...

    It didn't occur to me until a little while ago that was the problem. Well, I appreciate the help in getting me to figure out the problem.
  12. I'm really confused about how I'm supposed to evolve my soul shield now. I used to be able to just "craft" my own soul shield primers or purchase them in the market. Now, I have to make these "Artisanal Shield Base" things and use those to purchase primers in the Dragon Express Here's the problem--I get these primers, and I can't use them. My character is level 46, which is what is required to use them, but I still can't. What is the deal with this? What else am I supposed to do in order to use these primers? All of these crafting changes are very troublesome thus far.
  13. Evolving soul shield pieces...

    I am at level 46, and the primers I have can only be used at that level...but I was just thinking that the shield isn't at that level. Do the shield pieces have to be at that high level too? If so, I'm feeling kinda dumb...
  14. Evolving soul shield pieces...

    That doesn't make sense because there are several different types of soul shield primers for other level shields. The ones I got were for shield pieces at level 46 or higher, and there isn't any sort of "restrictions" mentioned. I just don't get what's going on.
  15. Frustrated about PVP arena matches...

    1) I don't even know what an in-game ping IS. What is it, and what does it do? 2) I don't know, but I'd guess that if there are 10,000 players ranked, I'm in the lower-9000 range, considering how embarrassingly bad I was the last time I tried.
  16. Frustrated about PVP arena matches...

    This doesn't seem to address most of my troubles, because what's going on when I hit the other guy, and they simply counter my attack and keep me perpetually dazed and confused until I'm dead. I mean, how am I supposed to even try to hit back when my fighting options aren't there to do anything?
  17. ...so, when I do stuff like arena matches I do not know what I'm supposed to do to "prepare" for them. Sometimes I win, but I suppose the only reason for this is because I'm "fighting" against players as bad or even worse than I am because there are times when I can hardly touch my opponents. Yesterday, I tried at least six times to win a single match, but I lost every single round, and there were times when it was frankly embarrassing. Is there something I'm not doing to make my character more PVP-ready? What do more successful PVP players do that's different from what they normally do when they are doing PVE play?
  18. I'd like to get a sweet costume at the Midnight Skypedal Plains, but I have to unlock "Tortoise Rigor Mortis," but is it true that you have to beat that huge reptile FIVE TIMES? I go in there with a party and another party backing us up, but everybody always skips out after three times. How do I get to do this when that keeps happening?
  19. How do I unlock Tortoise Rigor Mortis?

    Okay, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.
  20. How do I unlock Tortoise Rigor Mortis?

    I'm not very experienced doing this stuff...so, how would you suggest that I do that? How would I message people to ask them for that kind of party?
  21. I found out where to get the "Moonwater" secret at Brightstone Ruins, but where do I find the secret for the Silverfrost stuff? Help, please.
  22. Merry Potter Secrets - Silverfrost

    I see...so I needn't bother with these secrets because they won't be necessary. Ummm...so, I've been crafting soul warden and marry potter stuff, so will I be making some stuff that I didn't make before, and will I stop making other stuff?
  23. Merry Potter Secrets - Silverfrost

    WHAT???? What's that all about? Are they replacing it with something else, and if they are, what is it and what changes in crafting are they doing? Also, what about Soul Wardens? Where do I read about these changes?
  24. BTW, I am using a laptop, so, I used F12 and that didn't work, and then I saw that you can use fn and F12, but all that did was to give me the option of moving to a training room. I can't find how with the game menu or any other controls, so I'm at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated.