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  1. This game doesn't have enough gold sinks right now. The inflation is because gold is more and more devalued but material acquisition rates have pretty much remained the same. This is also why currency exchange rates are so poor too.
  2. EC and DT on normal are low level dungeons though... I lfp EC on my 750 ap alt and I usually average 1 clueless pug per run. Thankfully they just die in a corner and the run goes on. I've only had a party wipe once but I knew it was bad when I was too dps xD
  3. Actually, I do WWV on my alt because I want the achievement to buy shields 6, 7, and 8. There are objectives in WWV, too. E.g. If you can stall several people from capping a pot, even if you can't kill anyone, and your team mates are smart enough to use this chance to cap/defend other pots it's win for your team. It's not really the raven gear that makes some people good, it's their experience. When raven gear first came out, people entered 6v6 like they were doing another pve dungeon. It's easier to complain about gear differentials than finding a way to work around it. Now, at lo
  4. I think BNS is worth a try, but if you are a hardcore player with little time to play then this game might not be for you. A lot of people in this forum say you have to pay but I know several people with end game gear without spending a penny, so it's not true. Those people do, however, spend a lot of time ingame to get there. Some farm, some play the market, some boost people for gold; they are all really, really good at what they do. So, if you don't want to swipe, you need to invest time and be good at something. You should try the game out though. You can reach max
  5. I don't know how many of you actually do 6v6. I've queued on my baleful 8 alt and have faced teams with raven users and won (best on my team was a baleful 12). I've also been on teams with 2 raven users and lost. Ravens gear isn't as game changing as ascendent gear in 6v6 as some of you seem to think. However, not playing objectives, not knowing pvp basics and making poor decisions will make you lose. Max gear won't save you from screwing over your own team if you are always not where you are supposed to be. There is a reason why some raven people are low silver/bronze,
  6. No, the game doesn't give you free legendary accessories just for existing like they do for the pinnacle ones. You need 200 currency if you are unlucky and never see it drop in dungeon. You get a box containing the currency from the said dungeon, 1 in normal mode, 2 in hard mode. However, your box may crit and you will get extra currency. I don't know what it is in a normal box but it's 20 from a hard mode box. The daily dash also has a chance of giving you 5 currency, no dungeon required. I highly doubt any of you will ever actually need to do 200 runs to get it, since
  7. This dungeon is old content and normal mode literally requires no mechanics. If you are 800 AP, why don't you want to run with other 800 AP people? Try using LFP? The reason why few people create lobbies for it is that only people like you need to run it with a full party. End game people can solo normal mode easily, they wouldn't need to pug.
  8. Actually destroyers are the new meta right now. With their new party iframe, they are tankier and wanted in parties. The new legendary mystic badge is an amazing boost for damage. In 6v6 a maxed ascendant destroyer is pretty much invincible. Unfortunately, most of the game changers for destroyers are raid drops, so you won't output good dps until you are end game geared. (Well, all classes want end game gear, but destroyers are really bottom of the barrel without it). I don't know what mid game is for you specifically but end game destroyers are going for shadow right n
  9. It depends on what sort of person you are. If you need to have all the best gear and excel at everything, then no. If you are OK with going at your own pace and playing whatever you find fun during your progression, then yes. The combat is good and the game is constantly reducing costs to help you keep up.
  10. True. TBH I don't think NCsoft cares about the complaints. The people who are complaining though, are they aware that this is a business model? Anyways this is a complaint over less than 40 cents.
  11. Everyone should be angry that NCsoft is supporting paid players and not F2P ones. How dare they give the people who spend <$5 on the game half a bound sacred oil? All F2P players should not support this game by continuing to not spend money on it. NCsoft is a charity and all its employees should gratefully serve us like unpaid slaves because we are CUSTOMERS and customers are always right. -_-
  12. There is a class tier in pve, however a lot of the people here go by the age old gaming attitude: anyone better geared than me is a whale, anyone worse geared than me is a noob. Unfortunate dps tiers change with each new item release and skill change patch, so telling you what the current tier is might not help you in the future. Anyways, currently, top burst dps classes are Assassin and Soul Fighters, followed by Force Masters. Top sustained dps is Blade Dancers. This is assuming you have current BiS gear for each class of course. Force Masters have always
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