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  1. It's already been acknowledged partially in a Knows Issues thread (edited recently) but what worries me is that it only mentions Ricochet and not other iframes. I hope it still implies that all of them will be fixed.
  2. Issue's been mentioned already in bug report on forum twice and feedback thread on reddit, most active gunners on discord reported experiencing that issue as well. Too bad it's still now acknowledged in known issues thread. It feels extremely punishing on gunner, especially in PvP where it basically means you're dead, since ss and hook are a main way for gunner to iframe and are timing based, in PvP scenarios you're bound to have a really tight timing between noticing someone's dashing to you etc. and you reacting to it with a hook and even if your reaction is fast enough you still get
  3. Newest patch broke iframes, only tested on gunner so I can't speak for other classes but the iframe window on ss and hook is broken (possibly on x as well but I haven't tested it), cc can still be applied a while after the iframe skill goes off. Characters does hook/ss animation without moving, cooldown gets applied(or you lose a hook) but you still get cced. It's extremely noticeable in both pvp and pve to the point of being frustrating and since ss is the only reliable iframe other than deadlock it basically means X is the only somewhat reliable iframe rn unless it's also affected cuz of tig
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