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  1. - higher end mats (mts) would be more expensive because of ss price, yes - "p2w" is more accessible now since mats are so cheap - myself also a casual player started crafting at 45, i've never had a problem buying mats - crafting is casual friendly and important for everyone - again, crafting makes you enough profit to buy mats off market whether 10s or 30s mmos aren't supposed to be a 3 month game
  2. consensus says: Q_Q we're here to laugh at your pain
  3. Hongmoon store is really bad.

    Or be thankful you can turn gold into cash shop item also F2P, why are you surprised cash shop items are overpriced
  4. Help: New Computer Specs

    option 3, - best cpu by the numbers (not sure about BnS on AMD since I use Intel) - GT 720.. absolute ripoff
  5. Blackwrym chest didn't drop

    since you're blade master, the best thing you can do is learn how to tank BW instead of hoping to out damage FMs and Summs
  6. moonwater pickaxe takes 3ss to craft, the price of quartz are usually 2/3 of the cost of pickaxe if you were smart you would've bought alot of pickaxes when they were <50s and farmed quartz then
  7. Wolfskin Costume drop rate

    got chest and face in 25, don't have 3rd piece you win some, you lose some
  8. Unsealing Charm

    pay more for convenience. 1-2 silver doesn't matter when you have >100g
  9. Purification Jar

    if you're willing to wait, i've made ~10g a day selling premium refiner (which needs merry potter technique), you could just save to buy the purification jar and have a source of income after
  10. Is there a way to view player level overhead?

    when you target an enemy you can vaguely see their level in a circle icon
  11. with this new afk kick update, i wonder what determines if you're afk