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  1. Good news I tried again after the update. The name lock is gone. I got my name back yayyyyy, and it's I have no complains. Pure happiness and finally can start leveling my warlock.
  2. Oh..ok they replied me saying that they want to refund the ncoin for the voucher and still investigating about the problem.. I was like.. coooooool
  3. Did you bought the voucher before the update or after? I bought mine before, but used it after the update. Could this be the problem?
  4. great.. I have the exact same problem..I did actually set up the alarm clock 24 hours later when I changed the name... Got up like 3am in the morning. Checked online that no one else got the name before me..and the good old message of"name already taken". Nightmares from head-start name reservation all over again_(:з」∠)_ Ticketed them this morning and waiting for reply. I guess I have to kill some time by adjusting my warlock character look lol.....
  5. well the server exploded again I guess I am going to let it calm down for about a week and come back
  6. I am in Poharan. Before the update I am perfectly fine with the game But these past two days is just constantly high ping when combating It is impossible to play Anyone else has this problem or just me? My internet connection is fine because I am playing other games too and they don't have the lag.
  7. item transfer...

    Then you would have twenty people all chasing after one mob
  8. I play at poharan and the population was estimated like 5 times smaller than mushin But I already felt that there are too many people after the mobs I can't imagine what is it like in mushin, mayby traffic jams at downtown LA during peak time?
  9. Gold sellers.. Pay to win like aion again?

    I guess I am a bad person for buying illegal gold. sorry QAQ
  10. Gold sellers.. Pay to win like aion again?

    @Curselove Don't get me wrong but I do buy NCoin as well for the costumes. sometimes the Ncoin trading ratio for golds is more expensive that the gold sellers At least it's been like this in other servers since the game first started.
  11. Gold sellers.. Pay to win like aion again?

    I don't mind the gold sellers. There is time in life that I would get lazy and just buy gold to upgrade stuff. Don't judge me. I am sorry 0.0
  12. Solution? SImple

    I understand, but there is just far too many people are trying to get into mushin. I guess they are trying to force people to play at other server to distribute the players evenly.
  13. Where's the costumes? o.o

    @unkoneo The panda one has the hat. Click on details it shows up the content. I was surprised by it when I bought it because I thought there was no hat.
  14. [Guilds] Show Off Your Guilds~

    :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Legend Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr