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  1. I'll add to the chorus: I'm not willing to pay for an RNG box with real money...but I'll happily shell out for costumes when I know what I'm getting. I'd suggest cheaper (and account-wide) costumes, for sure; they'd likely make more on them, overall, because a lot more people would buy them if they thought they were getting a better value. I'd also like to see a bigger selection of more-modest female costumes (NOT complaining about the hyper-sexualized ones...just want more options). But the point is, don't hide the stuff I want behind an RNG barrier. Appearance and utility items
  2. For me, it's not that I think the game shouldn't have absurdly sexualized costumes. It's just that I'd like a LOT more options that actually don't look like the wearer should be hanging off a pole getting her g-string stuffed full of bills. If I want to see that, well...I live in Portland, the city with the highest concentration of strip clubs in the US. I can go for the real thing. The game can have all the fanservice it wants...just cater to the rest of us a bit more, m'kay?
  3. Yeah, 'coz this game doesn't already have enough fanservice... /rolleyes
  4. I think that in so very obviously an Asia setting (Asian fantasy themes, Asian architecture and clothing, etc,etc...), anything other than Asian-sounding names would be weird and immersion-breaking, myself. Oh, and for me, the hands-down best story writing in an MMO is The Secret World, by an enormous margin.
  5. I seldom PvP in MMOs (or at least MMORPGS...Defiance PvP was quite good). I prefer to save PvP for shooters, really. And I'm enjoying the game (only to lvl24 so far).
  6. Agreed: they're handling a really cricketed-up situation about as well as you could reasonably ask for. The bot/spam situation is still seriously bad, but it's not like any other game that's infested with them has found particularly good solutions, either. I'm still an NCSoft skeptic (8-year CoH players tend to be...), but I too am impressed with them right now.
  7. Hear, hear! I realize a fantasy game is going to have mostly fantasy (that is, not remotely resembling actual weapons) swords, axes, and daggers, but a decent selection of realistic skins would be nice.
  8. Well, gotta say that predicting a barely-literate, ignorant rant on a game message board isn't exactly boss-tied prophecy, man... :p
  9. Yep, that's the same mistake I was making, Monterey: placing the mine right at their feet. It's actually a pretty good combo when you learn it right.
  10. I made a character on Gunma, and just now is the first time I've had to queue (about 825 in line). Logged straight in every other time. But I miss my poor, isolated (by a still-enormouss queue) Blade Dancer on Old Man Cho. =( But these things shall pass...
  11. hit.nail.head This thread is pure comedy gold.
  12. 3PM Pacific time, Old Man Cho: c. 2300, estimated time: 60min. Bad...but SO much better than before.
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