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  1. On 18/01/2016 at 11:27 PM, Youmukon said:



    Just to let everyone know, our team is fully aware about the RMT/Goldsellers spam going on and we are currently working on countermeasures to reduce the inconvenience it causes to players.


    In the meantime please keep reporting bots by either using the in-game report feature or by submitting a ticket (Report Player > "They were trying to sell gold by spamming chat".), these reports greatly help our team to identify and removes bots from the game.


    Thanks again!


    Forget about slowing them... get them out, annihilate them and destroy their accounts! >_< I'll help ya on my server NP! =p 


    Put anti spam policy and tools. Can't repeat text/enter text of the same nature/same exact words. The third time within 10 seconds sends the account a warning... on the second warning their account gets locked down/flagged/logged out automatically waiting for GM/staff review and permanent deletion!

  2. In fifteen years of online gaming i have never withnessed a game spammed so hardcore by anyone. Gold farmers need to GO AWAY!

    Please have them do business elsewhere because they're ruining my game experience!!! :(


    Can't read group LFG channels, region and pretty much every channels!  I was supposed to buy founder packs like each game i decide to play which in the case of  Free-toplay models and lasting games such as Everquest and Atlantica Online we're talking about literally thousands of dollars worth in spending over the years. But in this game the spam we get from gold sellers like this is INSANE. So this situation MUST be addressed ASAP! Forget buying, forget just about chatting with other players. :(




    I have waited over a year for this game. It was supposed to be my top pick since i really love the style of NCSOFT's games art and gameplay but this is ruining it for me in every aspects. 

    /frustrated day one



    I used to write and test most games to be released and i was a beta tester for BnS but I have never expected this! Man, seriously you guys... give me mod powers and i'll kick/lock down those botters/spammers out in no time to keep the house clean. I really don't mind playing in-game police at this point. =p