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  1. how many chests and how many tokens did you get ? can you salvage the skins for tokens ? the tokens to get the other skins on the dragon express are ridiculous
  2. Hello all I'm looking to play summoner, whats better for Pve Earth or Wind ? I have looked on youtube for both the rotations and what they are like and i much prefer Earth
  3. Yeah its a mobile game NCsoft unveiled 'Blade & Soul 2' on Media Day on the 7th. The video shows the desert reminiscent of the previous film's metabolism, and then the logo appears and is finished in 2018 numbers. 'Blade & Soul 2' is a mobile MMORPG, and development is almost done.
  4. Ah okay i understand now, i thought the bonus 10AP from this event was a separate bonus from the other attribute achievements, thats why i was confused
  5. Hello all I was more wondering about the bonus 10AP achievement, i was thinking for new players or people that haven't reached end game, how are they able to get this bonus, doesn't it seem a bit unfair ? So i messaged support and they said you can only get it during the event, which is silly, why didn't they make it so that we can eat the food for the achievement, but after the event whenever we reach that point to kill xanos 5 times we get the achievement that way as well ? Or am i missing something ?
  6. I saw in the latest update " Reduced the Duel rank requirements for purchasing Hongmoon Secret Techniques from the Zen Bean Trader NPC" i was looking to get the duellist bundle for the hongmoon skills, what is the requirement now ? coming back after a year with a new character so just wondering
  7. Does this Vendor sell Volume 4? looking to get the Searing slash for BM Since i just saw the changes coming tomorrow and one of them was "Reduced the Duel rank requirements for purchasing Hongmoon Secret Techniques from the Zen Bean Trader NPC." or does someone have a picture of what he sells? I used to play over a year ago, so currently looking to start over and just wondering about this vendor thanks
  8. do you know how to get that/which one it is on the achievements ?
  9. I just started Leveling a BM and i noticed around level 20+ you get Searing slash ( Skill 4 ) do you already start with the hexagram or do you still need the hongmoon books ?
  10. even if these people buy the book with real money, they could still be a very bad player and also in future patches these books become much easier to get anyway so its not pay to win at all the people who buy Ncoin and buy gold just to get the book is just silly, when i can easily to dailies, craft, sell stuff and still buy the book without wasting a penny
  11. i agree, go play another game, so the real players can enjoy it without this attension seeking post like every other post is about
  12. Bns isn't pay to win at all making gold is easy in this game just by playing the game not using the gold system, i would rather work for my gear than buy gold with real money, whats the point of me having the best gear straight away, i will have nothing else to do, i have seen many people with full gear already and they are always complaining about being bored or whats next, they just take the fun away from themselves
  13. yup :( basically you need a hybrid of PVE/PVP build so that you still do alot of damage at the same time etc, if you look on the video you linked there is a timer above his name, but im sure that appears, its not always shown for me
  14. when he does the move over and over again and always resists everything, it means he is enraged and you have ran out of time, you have around 4.30-5 min i think ish
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