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  1. So for some reason I had two 7 day premium codes and the Wardens Newsletter code. But nothing else has come through at all. It's been a while but I imagine that if I have the newsletter reward, I did indeed sign up for the other pack, especially as I received the 7 day code also.
  2. Why you quit?

    I quit because there are far better games than this one. That's an opinion based on fact. The more I played other mmo's, the more I realised just how much this game sucked. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I played for the most part and at the time I have no regrets levelling my toon and I won't deny some fun that I had. However, it soon started to grate on me. Grinding isn't an issue for me, but I like to be rewarded for hard work. This game does not give sufficient reward. It gives gambling and pay2progress. Everything just started to seem so 'same-y' and not to mention all of the technical troubles the game has had. It's incredibly poorly optimised, infested with hackers and gold spammers and the community in general is just so toxic. You spend £10/$15 on an outfit....an OUTFIT which is just outrageous. That's nearly the same price as a month of premium, but I guess waifu and husbando have to look the part while you do the same dungeon over and over until you don't get what you want because some wallet warrior outbid you. Games like FF14, Tera and even Aion reign superior to this game and yes before you salty people tell me to back to them if I hate this game so much, I already have and happier for it. Another 1year old game called Skyforge is by FAR one of the better 'new' mmo's and puts this shit to shame. Also, womens' vulvas are not that rigid, it's flesh, it's squidgy and not made of stone like this games toon models. I know Korea think the 'thigh-gap' is what makes women attractive and there is no denying that a lil gap is quite nice, but not one you can drive a 4x4 through.
  3. Skills

    In cases like warlock as you mention, no they do not have a lot of skills but each branch makes that base skill entirely different. Thus making gameplay of classes like warlock a lot more durable, without having to deal with the mess of 'wtf does that button do? Imma spam it anyways and hope for the best'.

    Because it's part of the game.
  5. Really? More p2w?

    S'all good, I went back to Aion. That's how bad this game is.
  6. Prime time on a weekend maybe, not for the working masses or the students who are busy during 'prime time'.
  7. Why everyone is quiting

    I went back to Aion for a bit, this game lost its shine.
  8. Account IP Error

    Send in a ticket to ncsoft, perhaps they will be able to look into it.
  9. When are we going to get the gender change tickets? Take my money already!
  10. Anybody Help Me!

    You need to cast Bombardment until it hits a critical. When it crits it will proc Rupture, once you cast Rupture you are able to insta-cast Bombardment.
  11. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Warlock main 50 Force Master 50 Summoner 47 Destroyer 45 Made them to do different dailies with so I don't die inside. However, slowly just kinda giving up and sticking with my main. Upgrading things are just too damn expensive to stretch over different toons.
  12. Can we ever be another race?

    Could be worse, could be genderlocked like Tera.
  13. eu and na differences?

    Well...seeing as their EU servers go through NA IP and then back to Frankfurt, most people who are 'far from NA' still experience NA ping.
  14. eu and na differences?

    Nope. There isn't even a different in ping.
  15. How can we play like this? GG LAG

    That's a question many of us have pondered upon.
  16. Sparkling venture tokens

    I got 1 too, out of 2 50s and 3 45's. They are so so rare but then, they give you up to like, 800hongmoon coins which is what, £8? So naturally, they're going to be super rare.
  17. Think they mean the pure white one, like the pure white outfit that you can't get yet either =(
  18. Why wouldn't they tell you where in the game it can be found? Probably means it IS in the game, but you can't get it yet because it's not part of this patch. Just like you could get Razor's before Warlock was out. [edit] Meaning although 'Warlock was in the game' it wasn't IN the game. So this item is here in the game but the way to get it is locked. Or some shit.
  19. Is new event gona be p2w again?

    Go read what people are getting from this event after spending hundreds of real money and then come back and tell everyone how this event is not paytowin.
  20. Call of Spirits

    I imagine it will be the next rotation, they plop it in a week before next maint to save some time I guess. They did it with White Hot so I'm imagining this will be the same case.
  21. Daily dash

    My thoughts on the level cap for the new event is to stop the bots from taking advantage and ruining the economy of the game even further. Granted, the players are doing that themselves but still...
  22. Best thing I got was 2 venom darts out of the event after doing it on 4 toons...
  23. enchanting exchange ticket

    It still drops, farmed for like 4 days on my FM, nearly reduced me to freakin' tears the drop rate is absolutely abysmal.
  24. Yun Force Master Bug

    I've been having some of the same issues, except the main one is that the ribbon vanishes completely after I sprint. Not only that, but certain effects from the premium animations and the sparkly bits around the base of the bangle are not displaying. Another thing missing is the red glow on the premium black feather thingy. It's fine in the character select menu but not in the actual game. It also displays correctly if I 'try it on' in the wardrobe. Very frustrating. Sent in a ticket and did the file repair and reinstall, not sure what to do now.
  25. A friend of mine was hacked. His account completely stripped of everything he worked for. I know for a fact he had not been on any dodgy websites or done anything illegal. All he did, was want to play the game. Now, his account wasn't 'banned', it was 'suspended' which kinda meant nothing seeing as they were still able to get into the account and strip it bare. NCsoft emailed him with an IP address that had 'tried' to access the account. Now, at that point you would think they would just shut down the account, yet somehow it was still left open for the hackers to get in and take take take. It took him nearly 4 days for them to unlock his account (after the GM's clearly didn't read what he wrote in the tickets and changed the account to the wrong email address although he clearly stated which one was the hacked one). Why is this allowed to happen? It doesn't just 'happen to people that buy gold' because he didn't, or his account would have been shut down and told it was closed due to suspicious activity, but he didn't get anything like that. In fact he probably spent more money on ncoin to trade in ctrl+c than most people would spend buying illegal gold anyway. My point is, how and why is this being allowed to happen? And why can he not get what they took back even if it would be just the gold he earned. Surely NCSoft would have a record of what he had before they emailed him to tell him he was hacked, why can't they reinstate? They didn't even leave enough for him to freaken windstride. Sorry, this is just a super sore point and it's really put a downer on the whole experience.