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  1. So for some reason I had two 7 day premium codes and the Wardens Newsletter code. But nothing else has come through at all. It's been a while but I imagine that if I have the newsletter reward, I did indeed sign up for the other pack, especially as I received the 7 day code also.
  2. Oh my goodness, I can't breathe. I'm so so sorry but this is hilarious. Oh my god....*wipes tear from eye*. Always ALWAYS ALWAYS look at the FAQ's before using certain items.
  3. @Cavalier That screenshot is legit. It looks like a piece posed for promotional work, very nice! Compliments to the chef~
  4. Me and a friend jaffing around. I'm on the left ;D Apparently I now look like a douchebag. Douchebag or not, idc.
  5. Nero, letting people kill Dokumo while I take screenies.
  6. Happened to me on random mobs in bsh24. I assumed it was because I was too far from the mobs so they just reset but it kept on happening, then it happened in 3f for me too and well, that didn't end well.
  7. I is a strong independent Lyn dude that don't need no cat.
  8. It doesn't matter where you are, most people have shitty ping on this game. I'm on EU, I have very good internet, I'm in the UK and I still get 150ms JUST like when I'm playing on NA. Stupid right? Then when I searched the entire list of IP's related to the client, every one of them is in the US.
  9. Fuggin' A son, testosterone or opiates!?
  10. Oh sorry, I was trying to feed the troll but it seemed to be too dumb to know how to take the bait.
  11. ...Did someone say they were a pro reaper? That gave me a chuckle.
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