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  1. Hello! I was wondering what are the most important HM skills for shadow build? Or maybe the build doesn't matter when it comes to HM skills? Still if you could tell me the most important ones I'd be thankful.
  2. I really thought I didn't but after playing with the filters for a bit turns out I did! Thank you and sorry ^^;;;;
  3. Hi guys! I was trying to get started on my hongmoon skills and I found some videos that, as a guide, use the character > skills tab in the achievements menu (U). The thing is, when I check this tab in my character, it says "there are no achievements left to complete" (which there should be since I have no hongmoon skills at all). I was wondering the reason for this. Is there another tab that explains the HM skills achievements now? Is there an update in development which explains why this tab is empty? I'm honestly having some trouble to understand what to do to unlock all my skills (e
  4. Thank you!!! I didn't know that at all... Now that you mention it, it was actually on those dungeons I got called out. Since those were my first runs I didn't even know an orb was necessary (kinda facepalming rn). I'll make sure not to bid from now on, just wish someone would've explained instead of just reporting me, oh well.
  5. As a solo player I feel like leaving many times lol. I don't have anyone to tell me where to get things or help me do so and I always get called stuff on dungeons and F8. I honestly feel anxious everytime I see raids on daily challenge lol (I can't even do raids cause I'm under 900AP). I agree sometimes things can get you down, I guess leaving is always a choice. I stay cause I like the overall game and my characters.
  6. Hi guys. Lately when I bid in dungeon auctions I've been getting people saying "report" "noob", etc. Someone even marked me with the bomb symbol thing lol. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong so it'd be helpful if you could tell me. In the last dungeon someone said "orb=loot" too at some point, which I don't know if it means anything. I always play solo so I'm really bad at most stuff, sometimes it can get annoying /sigh. Is there a right way to bid on loot auctions?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but... VT = Temple of Eluvium BT = Skybreak Spire CC = Crowd control skills (stun, daze, knock-down)
  8. it's never dropped? isn't it supposed to though?
  9. Yes it's normal, it depends on your luck. Some people run dungeons hundreds of time before stuff drops. That doesn't mean they could higher up the rates a little though, some are really low. It can get annoying.
  10. I got it a couple months ago along with like, fifty potions, all in one chest. They might've nerfed the drop rate but I wouldn't bet so. It'd try a few more runs. It's all rng anyway.
  11. Wow! Thank you so much for taking your time to explain all of this, it is extremely helpful! I'll get right to work on everything you noted. Thanks again friend.
  12. Hi! I finished the story on my warlock (55 HM8) and was wondering what is the best gear I can grind at this point. I'm talking razor, soulshields, accesories and any other important stuff (soul, pet ??). I'm a noob at this so it'd be great if you could help me. I play with shadow build, I'm also on Seraph stage 1.
  13. Wow that's very dissapointing. Oh well, thank you for your replies.
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