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  1. Less Prude Outfits Please

    Yeah, I do hope they rotate the costumes very frequently too. I saw the Hongmoon Store costumes, and however there is only 1 costume I like of them, it does not fit my character, so just waiting for new ones.
  2. Dungeons with different Server?

    Mushin and Windrest are both servers in different regions. Mushin (NA) Windrest (EU). This means you cannot do instances together due to being in a different region. (As far as I know).
  3. Goldsellers are already in Headstart.

    Yeah, I saw a few on Ebon Hall too. But I got used to it because of AION, so yeah.. I am not surprised.
  4. Well, this game isn't new, that being said: Because it isn't new, we had plenty of time to do research about the game. If the game isn't your cup of tea, that's fine, but that doesn't mean that the game is 'the most disappointing game of the year - or since 2012'.
  5. I think you're not the only one submitting a ticket. Tickets are being handled in order, so if there is a massive ticket que before your ticket, it may take a while. I don't think anyone here on the forum can do anything about that.
  6. Upgrade xp, drops etc nerfs Oo

    Maybe for store purposes? Wouldn't be surprised.
  7. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Having the same issue. Chroma Keyboard is checked but greyed out.. I cannot change the setting. No idea why..
  8. Game Guard block steam Controller

    Same happens for Razer related programs such as Synapse etc. It's not the first time GameGuard is causing massive issues.... one of the reasons they got rid of GameGuard in AION.
  9. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Also encountering issues with my game. Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64bits. Processor: I5-4690 @3,5Ghz Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 390 (8GB) RAM: 16GB Peripherals: Razer Black Widow Chroma keyboard + Razer Naga Chroma Seems to be a problem with GameGuard. GameGuard seems to not like Razer programs and crashes game. Solution: Just get rid of GameGuard and get some more GM's instead ;-)
  10. Class Specific Sub Forum

    Or: Stuck in Q(Q)ueue forum ;-)
  11. Class Specific Sub Forum

    Second this! :)
  12. Servers that has less queues?

    You can't check how full a server is at the moment. The only thing you can do is use the forum as an indicator I guess..
  13. The real reason!

    Maybe, instead of being rude and cranky you should read other topics instead. I quote for you: See: The only thing that makes a freakin' difference if you have an initiate pack (No priority!) and the other 2 packs, and master is one of them. It does NOT matter how many Premium points you have. It does NOT have any effect on the queue. This is from the community manager, so yeah: Read or reroll instead of being all cranky. So: once again: It does not matter if you are at tier 4 or tier 10 with the premium points. It has no effect.