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  1. I think you didnt read the OP's post right.... just saying... I usually get a mix of all those, but i never go alone (always with someone else so if things get rough we usually can make it work one way or another) I hate the troll stealths from assassins, they made me get stuck behind everyone else a lot of times, but still I dont *cricket* with them, usually I just say "that troll stealth". When people are in trouble, with mobs or anything else, usually I go back and try to help, unless Im having a bad day and cant be bothered (doesnt happen often) or I cant get to them to help for any reason. If someone is new and asks for advice, Im more than welcome to explain everything I can, but when no one says a thing, im not the one that's going to guess.
  2. Maintenance

    "Life isnt fair" is a premade answer that doesnt add nothing to the discussion. To be honest, im not even complaining per say, at least not as some people are. I understand the problems they may encounter to make the maintenance more accessible to EU players, and I dont care If I dont get to play 1 day, but still, everyone needs to agree it is a bad situation for EU players and still they have the right to express their disagree.
  3. Maintenance

    I can take a few hours for maintenance, im okay with that, but when the maintenance is already late in the day and it is extended for 4, 6, or more hours, then you can pass a whole day without being able to play. Is that fair? I dont think so. I wont die if im not being able to play one day, but it still doesnt make it fair.
  4. Maintenance

    I saw they said " As has been mentioned before, it's when our personnel are avail for the tasks. Feel free to discuss maint times on the forums " So... they're available at 4am in the morning but not two hours (at least) before?
  5. I kinda liked the voices in cutscenes, werent too off for me, but some npc voices make me laugh. The best one I heard was when a mob said "ENEMY RAID!" and other mob replied with "Shut up and charge!"
  6. Right clicking works too tho. Still he's wrong, and trying to make the others look dumb when he's the one being it. In cross servers the kick funcionality only works on offline people, outside it works on everyone tho. Of course people in this thread are talking about cross server problems since they're saying they cant kick.
  7. Server Down?

    Nothing new. I was saying to myself "Oh the servers didnt disconnected today... ops there it is!"
  8. The things I hear... I was level 43 (or 44 I dont really remember) when I first went in a blue 45 dungeon. The quests sent me there and I went. Mind you, I did my job, didnt die, and wasnt a hassle to any of my party members. Sure I didnt had the best DPS to help, but was good enough to be there. I wasnt the only one below 45, the dungeon didnt took that long, and went smooth. I dont see a reason why people would react badly just cause they a see a lvl 43-44 in those dungeons, below that, I see the problem. (Unless he's really a liability to the party)
  9. Best...answer...ever Anyway, they gave a 20 minute warning I guess. I didnt see it, cause I couldnt login, but I was watching my bf play and he got the warning. As someone said, it is easy to miss tho.
  10. cat tank nerfed

    The most awesome thing is that I dont see anyone crying when I made my cat get aggro in a dungeon and everyone can just dps without thinking. I did mushin's tower without even dieing, from floor 1 to 7, im ok with the cat losing aggro, but losing it when I dont attack and 2-3 seconds after I just pressed Q, something for me is off. I would be just fine if we got at least one answer from the staff, "yes it was intended", "no it wasnt intended, is a bug", something, cause right now, we have nothing. There's nothing in the patch notes and I really hate ninja nerfs.
  11. No one cares. Have fun tho!
  12. Changing The Loot Board Location

    1.Change the game to window mode 2.wait for the loot window to come up 3.move it (press Alt key and drag it with your mouse) 4.change to full screen again 5.Profit! :D
  13. Oh look, this kind of thread again. Doesnt matter what you say, what others say or what I say. Each individual has its own ideas and most of them refuse to hear the other part. This ^
  14. They put it 2 hours early now, so, its in the morning (or a bit in the morning for some countries), not really in the middle of the day. Maybe this was the time they could get so its not getting so much in the way for NA and EU both. Better this time than the ones they did the other maintenances.
  15. I dont think it is working that way, at least for everyone. Since I logged I had no chat working, reloging wont work either. Then, my boyfriend is online for an hour or so, and the chat is still working for him.