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  1. I think you didnt read the OP's post right.... just saying... I usually get a mix of all those, but i never go alone (always with someone else so if things get rough we usually can make it work one way or another) I hate the troll stealths from assassins, they made me get stuck behind everyone else a lot of times, but still I dont *cricket* with them, usually I just say "that troll stealth". When people are in trouble, with mobs or anything else, usually I go back and try to help, unless Im having a bad day and cant be bothered (doesnt happen often) or I cant get t
  2. Right clicking works too tho. Still he's wrong, and trying to make the others look dumb when he's the one being it. In cross servers the kick funcionality only works on offline people, outside it works on everyone tho. Of course people in this thread are talking about cross server problems since they're saying they cant kick.
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