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  1. Agility bug still there since 6 months really?

    Yes thats how i felt. That a trump card defensive ability is not working right. I dont say a kfm has no chance against another class at the moment. But i just doesnt feel right. This ability was especially strong against destroyers and several caster classes in my opinion. And yes im really annoyed by the fact it doesnt work right. Support doesnt help in any way. Eventhough support has a gameplay section concerning skills, they told me they are not responsible for this XD. I told them why even bother having a Skills support section, if u cant help in any way? Then another classical 24/7 cheap support answer came and they told me to write about this here. Well i am writing here but the latest patch didnt change anything concerning that as far as i know. Right because we are ncsoft and give a shit lol. thats how i feel, they just push reponsibility to the next person they can find, and in the end no one cares. Just kinda feel left alone with this. But who knows maybe a "wonder" happens.
  2. Agility bug still there since 6 months really?

    Im talking about only PVP right now. In pvp i think every class has 109,30% accuracy (not sure tho, i only saw it on warlock, kfm and bm). Agility Buff increases your evasion rate if take a look into your stat window (P) to 100%. Especially to point one more thing out, im not talking about pvp in the pve world im, talking bout PVP in arena where everything has a fixed value ( Sorry maybe that got u guys confused). Any yes all in all Hire De Lune, i already knew that with the directions before, but there is no explanation that is why im very annoyed. Why is there 109,30% accuracy in PVP, if in my opinion the accuracy for all classes should be a 100% value since hypothetically a 100% accuracy would mean to hit every single hit against a normal target anyways. So this is very wierd and it would be awesome if NCSOFT would take a look at this. Also as i said, even if we count the 109,30% accuracy against 100% evasion, that would be 9,30% hit chance hypothetically. However in the videos i recorded the average rate at which moves hit me is veeeery far above 9,30%. It looks at least like a value around 30-50% percent (and im not accounting in the hits from behind, only the frontals). If u got a friend KFM check it out, im neither lying nor raging about that here. Also i cant say its right that defense pierce spells go through because i tried with my friend and he also used some of this skills, and sometimes he hit, sometimes not (thats what i remember). I also just asked my friend if he can remember and he said the same (im not 100% sure tho). Ill try again probably to make sure. However well the randomness of getting hit during agility is a tad to luckbased in my opinion. NCSOFT should clearly explain how evasion is supposed to work in all different interactions like aoe, attacks from behind/side etc. There is so much unclear stuff and agility really feels wierd right now.
  3. I have started PVPing since about 1 month ago or so and i main a kfm. Well at first it was really hard but after some time i got significantly better i think. However i always had big problems especially against sins, fm and summoners. Also sometimes versus destroyers, even though i read its quite favorable for the kfm due to agility. Well and here is the big big issue with agility, which is the main reason im not pvping right now anymore. So upon resisting 3 times with either Q or E or SS, you get the agility buff for 6 seconds with 100% evasion. Wow thats cool but 100% evasion? Sorry this buff is not working right in anyway, i especially often proc it against casters and destroyers easily. The problem is they still hit me around 50% of the time i think. I also have video footage where a friend helped me record. So i watched the stats and saw all classes seem to have a 109,30% accuracy factor. So i thought hm does that mean around 9,30 % of the attacks still hit me because i only have 100% evasion? So honestly this accuracy value is extremly wierd and produces a randomness which cant be evaluated right into play, if i just have to hope it wont hit (if this is the issue for getting hit). Also I noticed more things: 1) AOE fields seem to hit every single time of their duration while i have agility up (Well however that would be reasonable and id understand if it doesnt evade ground targeted AOEs. 2) It seems that almost any attack executed from behind seems to have a much higher hit chance. Also in generally if my theory is right and if the problem is the 109,30% accuracy, then the hit chance would be around 10%. So 1 outta 10. However in the tests i did with my friend, it hit much more frequently, easily surpassing 10%. Id say at least 30%. If u guys dont trust me test it out, and since this is a very awesome and strong mechanic of the kfm, the fact that its not working is a major flaw right now. I ve also read through different communities where ppl had this issue 6 months ago, it seems NCsoft still didnt do a thing about it. Pretty wierd since B&S is especially famous for its pvp. So has anyone else noticed? Im really veeery upset by this, share your opinions, and i hope NCsoft will read this and take a look at it. Oh and also i wanted to mention, i contacted support for this since they have a "Gameplay-Section" well useless effort. At first they wanted me to give them video footage which i did with 5 videos. Afterwards they still didnt know which skill i was referring to even though i told them in the previous tickets several times. Then today i got a funny answer saying they cant do anything about this kinda, why have a gameplay support then? Well no comment, but gotta love those classical cheap support answers.
  4. I cant describe how much i like this game but, there is this one damn thing i absolutely hate. the lag kills the game for me. it was bad before the silverfrost mountains update. but then it got worse and worse. my computer easily surpasses the recommended requirements for the game, but even if i set all graphics settings to the lowest and use the "hide players" function it still lags as hell. the only part in this game where i literally have optimal connection is in mushins tower. but as soon as there is only 1 other person it lags soooo damn much. i play kfm so animation cancel is pretty much my bread and butter but, i cant in lag. I can live with it in PVE, its annoying but i got used to it. But in PVP its a damn super bad joke, i cant even do any combination as fast as i should b able to. often i dont even see the animations of the enemy due to the lag cuz its so extremly delayed. Its sad it took NCsoft 4 whole years to bring this to europe and fail this hard. and for me personally (i played the korean version too), there is no difference. i could ve played the korean version anyways if it werent for the language. The lag was in no, and yes no means worse than on the european server, which is incredibly sad. What do we have a european server for? For fun it seems, i feel like NCsoft just thought: "hm well, we just need to translate that stuff, and bring it to europe, then use a potato cheap server. EASY - Not much work, easy money and we even take our time. its been out in korea since ages but who cares lololololol" So in fact what did they really do till now? They translated the game thats it. i see no optimization whatsoever. also i dont see any new content and i bet they dont even have it. They just throw out the long released korean patches for EU now, so in fact they r just milking the game without much effort and i saw many ppl alrdy complain bout lag issues, but who cares? we r NCsoft we give a shit bout what ppl think as long as we get money. Sad i once liked this company but as soon as they made big money with their oh so famous GW2, they turned into super greedy guys. Well anyways however i want to point out, dont get me wrong i love this game and i would like to love it more. But the lag kills it for me. My computer is totally okay and so is my connection too. I see no reason besides NCsoft just being to greedy nd lazy. they dont wanna work and want to make easy money. but well right there will always b ppl playing this. Also no i dont complain cuz i lose on pvp, u just see the gigantic difference if u got lag or if u dont got it. So yea what bout u guys? or am i the only one being pissed of with the lagplay ?