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  1. I also have a message for the low AP since I had this happen a few times already. If a high AP player is nice enough to carry you. . .don't afk. Seriousily. . .I hate it when people expect to get carried and do nothing at all. I end up leaving the party cause of it. As well as that I notice you can't check AP by right clicking in the cross over dungeon selection screen. Just because we can't check it this way doesn't mean we can't f2 and type in your name. You can also still check after you go in the dungeon. Don't think people won't check and don't think people wo
  2. So after finishing my purples and doing some pvp I got bored and decided to make this. I did this in league a long time ago and thought I try it here. Heaven's Mandaite (junsoyun) -
  3. I'm never lucky when it comes to free stuff. . .Anything that I get without any real money, I never get or get very little of it. Hell After I spent a good amount of my gold. . .I did DT and the freaken necklace dropped. . .it sold for 120g. . .I lost a necklace again. Note that I've been doing that dungeon daily. The last time I saw the necklace was 100 runs ago. . .I'm at 178 runs now. When it comes to spending real money however, I get lucky. . . .I got like 4 gems in this trove even alone with a bunch of customs and even forging orbs. Why can't I be lucky on both :( just for a month
  4. 650 is average for most of the dungeons. Something like DT and foundry will be 700.
  5. Before raven, people got galaxy because it was easier to get plus it was cheaper. I didn't listen to the people who told me to get it for those reasons. I just sucked it up and grind grind grind until I got my baleful. It only cost me 75% of my sanity. Now if you don't mine I'm going to run out in my underwear and do a chanting dance.
  6. I came back like a few weeks ago and I'm low on moonstones. Where do I farm them?
  7. what is the suggested AP to do this 24 man run?
  8. nope, this was just a made in lobby. Donno anyone here. The roles were as followed. WL and lbm was 3 kfm was 2 fm was mark. As for AP: WL had 702 KFM had 70? FM had like 75? lbm had 68?
  9. So yesterday I did 4 man DT. My party was a KFM, wl, fm, lbm. In boss one the lbm never used his hm block and I kinda got annoyed at him but we manage to beat the boss. When last boss came around, we got wiped prob about 5-6 times. It turns out the lbm doesn't have his hm block. . . . . Am I wrong to get pissed?
  10. After a full rotation, the 20 coins you get are invisible. In order to get them you need to open or unpack some of them to reveal it.
  11. in order to get these afkers banned, you must use video evidence. download one of those game recording programs or stream programs that have this feature. You can't upload the video so upload it on youtube, make sure it is unlisted and send a report with the link
  12. Anyone else having this issue? I did MSP several times before the patch and never had this issue.
  13. same. . .I am at 747 but before the patch I was 755
  14. Ok during the flower phase. . .If I get 3 stacks, do I break shealth or any other party iframe and allow him to lift me or no? This is the only thing in nf that confuses me a bit. No one ever said anything when i don't break it.
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