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  1. After quest rewards and gold nerf. Here comes the Event nerf. Also 1 year later we get the same +11 ap achievement. The latest stream was quite pathetic too. Tired to hear the same sentence each time ''we are so excited'. Give us a break, what are you excited for ?
  2. I feel the same. We (so called Hero) even tried to kill Namsoyoo, she would be dead without the disciple's sacrifice. Stop calling our character ''Hongmoon Hero'' please.
  3. That will never happen. Opening a new region server is like shooting themselves on the foot. Best option would be BnS TW. Hong Kong players play on that server too, so speaking English wouldn't be a problem.
  4. Here is the change we were all expecting : ''The Daily Challenge Reward Chest now always contains 5 Gold.'' Awesome, isn't it ?
  5. Ahaha this is exactly what I thought. I won't even be surprised if they replace the moonstone cristal with Lunar Flowers.
  6. Like in China, a law must force publishers to show the intended drop rate and the actual drop rate for every RNG item.
  7. Ncwest is awared of our complaints. It's been months, nothing positive has been done but more ninja nerfs which they did not even mention neither in their patch note, nor in their stream. I only expect more incoming nerfs. I am not here to convince you not to play the game. Give it a try, but mark our words : for news comers, this game isn't worth it. As ''Why Bother'' told you, ''unless you are a whale''...
  8. Once you've completed all the yellow quests, the struggle will truly start. Get your Credit Card ready. Here is the problem : you need a lot of materials from dungeons to level your gears but you will have a hard time finding a group that won't kick you because of your low gears. There is no way you can do the high dungeons that give a decent amount of gold. Sadly lower dungeons got their rewards nerfed, you ll get mostly 1 or max 2g. It is not in the interest of the community to discourage news comers. However starting this game and thinking only premium is enough to ma
  9. Here is my 2 cents on that topic : Previously, the gold provided IG was enough to make your gears decent in a relatively fast way without spending real cash. Therefore ncsoft wasn't happy about their incomes. In order to increase their benefits, the current strategy is quite obvious : decrease the gold and materials player can acquire so he has to start paying or paying much more. Blade and Soul is quite old already so they choose to sacrifice the new casuals players and focus on the ''sacred whales''. Discarding potentials low incomes from new players won't be a big issue if th
  10. They did some changes actually. Look at your weekly Battleground rewards. In their stream they said they are aware of the current issue on moonstones but instead of helping the players, more nerves have been done. The battleground moonstone chest has been removed along with the Keys from daily challenges rewards. While they ''trying'' to come up with something positive for players, they give us even more hardships. Fed up with your BullNShit.
  11. My soul is on Tiger level so I am not concerned. Those players are this close to get an item that would definitely boost their motivation for BnS. Whoever has an Event Soul at 100% should get their Awakened Soul. NCWest, you should not let your customers feel like their efforts have been in vain.
  12. They want us to do ''end game content'' but do not want us to gear fast. With my silly RNG, It took me more 3 months to get my VT badge.
  13. Can't wait to see NCsoft BnS NA/EU revenues Q2 and Q3 2018. Let's see how western customers see your new strategy.
  14. Regarding 6vs6, Why not add an alternative mode for 6vs6 with the same restrictions than in the Arena where only ultra instincts are required. I think it would be pretty much funnier than the current unbalanced version we got. If you (devs) don't think it's that unbalanced, then please log in a regular account (not GM) and play with us plebs.
  15. You missed the Shinkansen, new comers can only get an old steam engine train. In the current state, this game is definitely not ''newbies'' friendly. You will find it easy to get your 1st legendary weapon and maxed it but then from there it will be long (lot of mats) and painful (kicked from dungeon because you don't meet dps requirement). If you are not willing to become a whale, i do not recommend this game.
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