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  1. Just now, CrimsonKitsune said:

    I knew it was matter of time until you rear your head here listen I don't care for your drama but opn this post respect peoples opinions. With that being said you analogy was poorly thought out and makes no sense what so ever nobody is getting anything free they have to complete the quest but I guess completing it afew times isnt enough for ya'll you need them to do it 1000 times before you're satisfied. Get real the game is dying and you know it try think of a response with more enthusiasm next time

    I stop cared about how im gonna answer you, cause last thread you wrote was about Ap requierment, and that people who have been playing this game since launch are gonna GO back to old content , and farm with new people, i can do that, but i will never do it for randoms, i will do it for the people in my guild and for people i know.. cause at least they can say thanks and they are watching alot of videos on what dungeons they are gonna do.


    and you told alot of people in that thread you are quitting the game, but .. here you are again, with a new thread about something new nonsense , that you wanna give out free transformation stones - in dungeons? you just wanna destroy the crafting in the game too?


    And now you will keep telling again the game is dying.. why cant you just find a new game instead of sitting on this forum and make nonsense thread ..? you telling people this game is dying.. where are your facts for it?


  2. No the game is not dying- And no what kind of " suggestion " is this to give 2.3.4 in dungeons. that has to be one of the lamest suggestion i have seen on this forum at least, why cant they hand out premium transformation stones for people who upgraded to legendary for free? should be fair

    right Crimson?



    i like this game alot at least, i love the farming and the dungeons/events. i just hope they will soon remove pointless threads like this from this forum for once..

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