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  1. I stop cared about how im gonna answer you, cause last thread you wrote was about Ap requierment, and that people who have been playing this game since launch are gonna GO back to old content , and farm with new people, i can do that, but i will never do it for randoms, i will do it for the people in my guild and for people i know.. cause at least they can say thanks and they are watching alot of videos on what dungeons they are gonna do. and you told alot of people in that thread you are quitting the game, but .. here you are again, with a new thread about something new nonsense ,
  2. No the game is not dying- And no what kind of " suggestion " is this to give 2.3.4 in dungeons. that has to be one of the lamest suggestion i have seen on this forum at least, why cant they hand out premium transformation stones for people who upgraded to legendary for free? should be fair right Crimson? i like this game alot at least, i love the farming and the dungeons/events. i just hope they will soon remove pointless threads like this from this forum for once..
  3. not sure if this a troll post or not.. but sins are rewarding.
  4. HM rmb - Ember + the thing from cold storage soul shackle - necro + yeti
  5. i have seen that #2 guy in f8 and he was flaming one in our party (4 man masts ) that he stupid cause he overbidded him on pirate chest :p
  6. this will be fun , to see people die alot in dungeons cause they will ignore mechanics for doing more dmg ;) kappa
  7. im still logging into the game and do same things i always do :p - daily challenge, all daily dungeons, 1 or 2 runs of tower of infinite.. then im having a break later - our group will start farm :) i enjoy the game still
  8. i dont think we will get either of them, cause they removed both of them in korea/jp/ch
  9. this is the only problem i got when i play on my Warlock , but i dont have any problems with sins on my kfm
  10. so, i have been doing tower of infinite alot these days - and im kinda disapointed in the way tower of rngeus works, i mean sure rng there and rng here, its to much rng and on top of that you have classes like sin/bd who just stand in a corner and stall time all the time.. they should just remove those classes from that tower cause i dont see how that is " skill required " to kill a class who just evade or resist everything you do on them, dont come with this " play on their iframes " , but these classes have more or less endless of resists. plz do something about this at l
  11. i have killed Naksun on my KFM ( 698 ) and it was really easy imo.. tried with Warlock too ( 630 ) .. and it was really hard :p
  12. they did increase when you get a crit on stingers it will become more then just 3-4 in that crit.
  13. now , put premium transformation stones too in the store plz ;)
  14. well , forum cry and they put in the hm store again ;) hope they put in premium transformation stones now too ;)
  15. bring the player and not the class, kappa
  16. think it was good they removed it.. i mean in pvp it would be way to op :P
  17. yeah , i have been open mandate these past 4-5 days, none say thanks, so i will stop doing that for good ;p i even told i could take mirage crystal if it dropped ( yeah it dropped 4 times ), but some jackass still bidded on it :p
  18. 248 challenger rest asura is the best.. but you can go with 12468 asura rest twisted if you want.
  19. you can USE them till 03/08, and you can only buy them UNTIL 21/07/2016. as they said on their stream + the info about the event on the homepage.
  20. hm i tried it twice, got one to stage 7 and one to stage 5 ;p
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