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  1. Why im quitting the game hum.. im quitting the game cause of it's " community ", i dont see how this game can turn into something good when there is so much going in the game atm with bots, people leaving in valley. To much Events that involves money, its sad that this game has turned into a full p2w game, and when i saw the last night stream about the legendary pet.. it was enough for me at least. i bought a founder pack for an other game..


    sorry for bad english , and i hope  you understand what i wrote..


    good luck to you others who will stay in this game.

  2. flawless system in 6vs6 ;d and ofc NA and EU players need to do the exploit.. to even have a chance to get to the higher ranks ;)


    i mean in EU nearly all in top 100 has been using this exploit if not top 150.

  3. 50 minutes ago, Tripa said:

    And it still is waaaaaaay to OverPower
    Cmon! a summoner with 300k+ HP with a cat with 300k+ HP (that you just cant put it to sleep).
    WTF is the problem with the development team? do they test it before launching new contents????????
    This summoner in infinity tower is tanker, range, dps and control class.... PLUS can manage to be invisible and is 2 enemies in a row!
    I could only manage to get above 30rd floor once... I might just give up, This tower is not made for melee classes and I'm pretty sure that it's on purpose.

    I'm a blade dancer... no need to say anything.

    not for melee classes? why do always people keeps bringing " not melee friendly  blabla " .. i have been playing kfm since CBT , stopped play for like 2 weeks ago. but still i would say you maybe need to practice more on ur class.

  4. 9 minutes ago, DomiSotto said:

    DoFrom your other post, you chose to treat light entertainment as a full time job with overtime. It did pay off. the game does not take neither your gear nor experience away. It is not one of the MMO that pulls gear set down every few months, so you have to start from scratch on the next BiS.


    you will keep ahead of those who play 1-3 hrs a day and are not quite as good as you are, no matter the reductions in costs. 


    You our can also use it to your advantage when playing the Alts. 


    As as for the folks rejecting your advice, well, there is no helping it. Lots of us would be greatful to be taught and to be given time to learn. 

    Doesnt really matter for me, when you get more and more unexperinced players in your pug groups that dont wanna listen or ask what they dont understand about the bosses, why do they even pug or jump into a dungeon when they have no clue about it.. i mean sure i did 4man with my former group that left due this update.. but F8 in EU is beyond saving.


    Cause of these AP Requierments people think they can just jump in when they seem to fit the profile of the dungeon.. thats why i started to look for people with 30+ clear on masts for example and they need to link it before we even enter the dungeon.. all in the party cause im tired of HIGH ap people and lower ap people... call me elitst if you want i dont care, and frankly im far beyond elitst, i have been trying to help people in the dungeon, but when you get these kind of response from both lower and high ap people.. nah i cant deal with that anymore


    and now when my group and my close to my guild disbanded cause of this it's just heartbreaking , people i started to know thro this game just gone.. they dont wanna come back this game.. and thats one of the reasons too that im leaving and going back to wow.

    now this is my last answer at least.. so enjoy ur playtime in BnS.


    Have a nice day.

  5. Just now, Brand X said:

    They could put it in the cash shop and at that point, it'd totally be p2w :p


    What I'm saying is, you'll always be "paying" to make the game better for others, if your idea of gaming is you spending hours upon hours to get the best stuff and then hating when they add new content that has the others catch up.


    Though really, this won't catch many of the lower players up /that/ much.  

    yeah but then make it 100% success rate then, im just telling my opinion about this, and i still feel they like the causal players more then " us " others.. but yeah , this was the final blow for me at least on this game :P i will go back to wow , but i hope you will enjoy ur playtime in bns, for me its just bye :)


    have a nice day

  6. 13 minutes ago, Brand X said:

    With a trove?  I'm just saying they make it easier to obtain what was once hard to get.  How they do it, is up to the game devs.


    Millions of players in WoW and they had the same thing happen.  Worked forever and a day on obtaining something and look at it now, it became easier.  Then the next patch came out and things repeated.  Maybe you'd be happier staying behind in the curve?  Not work so hard and not have best gear right away?

    Yeah they made a place were you farmed your gear , aka tanan jungle . not reducing the cost of it. but hey its their game they do what they want right as you said.

    they should put legendary and pts in cash shop, or redcuce cost / failure on that too.. make it 100% success then we are all happy in this game, but they only give causal players stuff not those who have farmed beyond that gear..


    so what im paying for is to make the game better for others then me? is that what you want me to support?


    you dont see the point in what im trying to say here then sir, i dont know what to tell you.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Brand X said:

    Could be the tone in your texting.  Don't know how many times I've seen someone think "You moron, this is how you do this dungeon..." was them teaching people how to do a dungeon.  :p


    If you consider this a slap in the face, MMOs are not for you.  As everyone has said already, this is typical of MMOs.  Things like this and low level areas being empty, are typical of MMOs (though I do think there are a couple out there who managed at some point not to have the low level areas empty).

    typcial MMO game.. with a trove for example? or rng box in cash shop each week? okey. i have been playing wow since it came, and we never a had trove in that game.

    tone in my text? did i say anything about being a moron .. i mean i have been trying to help people thro the dungeons alot... and you get that for trying to help them..?


    but .. you want me to play on their computer to? hold them in their hands when they farming mats in the game? like ncsoft are doing atm, lazy folks get what they need and want.. soon in a store near you - legendary stage 6

  8. 33 minutes ago, Shirolicious said:

    I don't know if the last 2 IPs are going to texas or not. What I want NCSoft to see, and acknowledge is that the ingame latency issues the europeans have are not ALWAYS related to our own problems. My ISPs routing to the server as my pings show are pretty stable and very low. it starts to fluctuate when it reaches NCSofts domain. 

    So they can point to ISPs all they want, and there are cases where its true that its ISPs routing issues. 


    But, in my case it isnt. And they still think everything is fine at their end. which is simply not true.

    the ingame ping shows the same fluctuation. low, low, low extremely high, low low low etc


    though, it doesnt seem ingame ping works for me atm. when i select the show server delay option, nothing shows anymore.


    all i can see is that you are on a level 3 node.. and people / ncsoft have talked alot about the level 3 node. cant remember exactly but yeah you should look it up

  9. 7 minutes ago, Zerecas said:

    Good for y'all and put in all your praise to NCWest as much as you can before another wave of displeasure that is bounded to come sooner or later. I don't know why but I feel like there will be another wave of lazy asses asking for another additional deduction on materials and costs in months to come.


    And I believe this is the second dumb down made by NCWest as the original western version have already included a lower requirement compared to the Asia counterpart, correct me if I'm wrong on this. And to be honest, is True Scorpion level even an necessity in term of content requirement, to be include in cost deduction update?

    yup they already had it reduced + they took away the failing chance of upgrading the weapon / accessories

  10. 12 minutes ago, DomiSotto said:

    That's because the dungeons are designed for VoIP teams and slow runs, trying to figure things out, but instead you are forced to do the en masse. There are also no other activities for those like me who have a hard time with cc sequences in the purple dungeons. Blues are too few and pay too little. Finally, the game puts the daily challenge, and it's all hard dungeons, no easier options. 


    Video is actually not the best way to learn, because in videos things go right, and in a real run everything goes wrong.  When people are honest, they talk about how long it actually took them to get things right, and well, most folks just did not.


    The latest update might actually help with it allowing the alternative path that I think lets one do easier content for longer rather than harder content faster.

    you dont need a VoIP to do any of these dungeons that are out there in this game atm, you will maybe need it on ebondrake and tomb maybe, im not only talking about 4 man, im talking about 6man too in this game at this " community " - people are to lazy to even get prepared for some easy dungeons, or read up the tactics, or even listen to people who have done the dungeons more times then them.. but no they just go full yolo and waste others time in the party.


    I tried to explain for alot of people in F8/pug dungeons - i get answer back as " shut up you have no clue " or .. " i will be afk cause you are a toxic person " when you trying to explain for people the mechancis / tactics.. and now we will get people who has less exp of the dungeons ( done the dungeon for 100+ times ) at my gear level again? i mean it was bullscrap when they put the trove and other p2w events.


    its heartbreaking to see a good game turn into dust cause of crybabies on forum.


    and this is an other slap in the face for those who farmed like crazy in SSP / all the dungeons out there for their gear.. what will we get from this ?? nothing? people talking about helping causal players to stay in the game, but they dont wanna help " veterans " in the game too?

  11. 6 minutes ago, DomiSotto said:

    While it will be easier to upgrade, it is still far from free. Being ahead of the curve in gear let you get into more lucrative content earler, and sell surplus mats at a higher prices. Chances are you are not one of us who are behind the F8 room requirements, and you will continue to stay ahead of them as they will jump up to react to the better gearing options. In short, the gap will be preserved, even if you feel you have wasted your time and gold.


    would you have preferred to spend the last month trying to find a less crowded channel in SSP to never get credit regardless? Would you have rather enjoyed LFP with the bots, because you are way below the rooms AP cut-off? Seriously? That gold, would you have preferred to save it just in case and stick to 400 AP?


    It's a video-game, so what is it that you've missed out on exactly but poorer gaming experience?

    Problem is not the gear for me, problem is that those people who gets the gear much cheaper dont even put time into watch a dungeon and some of them are truly clueless what they are supposed to in that dungeon. and i had enough of those people in F8.

  12. yeah i guess all crybabies are  happy now ;) you dont think alot of people will leave cause of these kinda moves too?
     i mean games has been out for 6 month and people are complaing and *cricket" about everything and sure they get what they want.. im done with this game at least this was a killing blow for my intresst, farming 9-10 hours / day to get where i am with my gear at the moment.. and when p2w events and stuff like this happens..


    but sure, its good for people who can only play 1-2 hour a day to catch up to people who have been dedicated 9-12 h / day ;)


    but yeah now im not gonna bother play this game more at least :)

    and my guild is kinda empty atm too.. from having 45 actives to 15, my " group " disbanded cause of this.

  13. hm, so spent like 9-10 hours each day to get where i am atm with my gear , and read this about reduction with 50% for the materials.. yeah sure its good for catch up.. But this was the killing blow for my intresset in this game.


    p2w events every week / troves and now this ..


    ty for my time :) and good luck all of you others.

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