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  1. im premium 5, bought only outfits, played since beta so.. since release
  2. wow your a such a sad person that thinks premium is equal p2w. plz explain to me what you mean with p2w in this game ? cause i really dont know.. i mean you just said i need to learn more.
  3. have a nice day and find a MMO that has no " p2w " element ;) im at 789 apm atm and im premium only. friend of mine hit 808 yesterday
  4. every mmo out there are more or less " p2w ". maybe try play on an other server? i agree on the part of the latency - my ping has been really horrible these past days but since then no problem at all. its really doable to have 800+ ap as f2p.. people just need to rethink how they play this game and what to farm and what dungeons they are gonna farm and why do you write a thread about you leaving the game?
  5. just lol man ;D im guessing your one of the people who call out others for swipelords then play the game , play the market and farm dungeons? you didnt notice too in ur soul that you needed evolved stones earlier on to upgrade it? how about you should have think about that in earlier stages when you know that you need it, and why buy just for your upgrade in the beg? i still dont follow you on anything what you said tbh. for me it sounds that ur a bit jealous but yea :) w/e
  6. just lol at this thread, some of my clanmates did buy alot of evolved stones when they were lik 10 silver each and stacked up them.. some of them had around 8-9k of those , and when this patch came bam they just earned 30k gold ;D you guys never thought about how you spend ur gold and how you obtain it? play the market? look up some materials on other regions that will go up in price? instead of calling out people for being swipelords and such like that.. maybe maaaybe, think a little longer
  7. " increased fail chance " what kind of lie is this ? it has always been RNG based. i did 9/10 today with pts.. such increased fail chance in ur logic.
  8. 120%-125% should be fine for turtle raid and upcomming dungeons that will come.. later on you will need 128-130%
  9. hm arena these days are fine, balance are sort of fine to, some classes can be more annyoing then others ~ im 1891 kfm.
  10. yup, remove soul burn and fighting spirit + all grabbing cause its only for pve
  11. and pvp accessories... so you will still need necklace and ring -
  12. i use hm z sometimes when there is alot of mobs to pull in - cause im lazy ;p but other then that nah.. :p pvp its like a must have at least imo
  13. hum i think they talked about a event taiwan had for some months ago - legendary nebula stone ;p
  14. Allright, take away fighting spirit,cat grab,soulburn,restrain/grab skills from 6vs6 too :) put in a resolve bar into this game too, so people cant get chain stunned or dazed. and remove grab/fighting spirit/soulburn/time distortion from 1vs1 and 3vs3
  15. just bought 10 keys, and got 100 flower, i like this trove ;D
  16. hm nice trove for me, got 2 heptagonal gems in 150 keys :)
  17. but still is that the class problem issue, or is it the playerbase problem that they dont know how to play vs kfm? everytime i have been in beluga or valley and i see 2 people running for a kfm who is solo defending im just not going there cause its waste of time - cause 85% of the playerbase just smashing their keyboard instead of thinking of to act against kfm. and yeah im KFM main , and i have seen so many people / played against many people who just do what im talking about, its not a class issue. lets say they do this what you wanted , to make our counter 2-3 sec c
  18. ohm making kfms counter for 2-3 seconds.. you want to make us a sitting duck when range just spam us to death ? im guessing you playing warlock who cant fight a kfm.. just smashing your keyboard into our counter. thats what happens when people dont know how to play versus a kfm who is defending alone, they just give him/her free iframes cause they just spam they buttons..
  19. i watched some streams, tried it for 1hour deleted it. wont try it again ;p
  20. Nah im not talking about buffing those classes at all, KFM has not got any buff for over 6 month, maybe help them out a little, or buff destroyers a little?
  21. maybe you should just practise more instead of sitting on forum each day and whine about your class? our counter as kfm.. nearly all classes can break it. and yeah in 6vs6, you wanna now why we have endless iframes? cause people just smashing their keyboard and spamming skills into our counter;D
  22. i keep running with my pt.. des,kfm,wl,sum
  23. 185 runs to get my ring - i only farmed that till i got it and put everything else on hold except my crafting on 3 toons. 156 runs to get my necklace.. same there i put everything else on hold till i got it cause i could only play 3-4 hours a day
  24. Warlocks dont need anymore buffs. they are in a good spot already, what they should focus on is buffing / helping other classes instead.
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