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  1. they are not needed for a long time, maybe in black tower raid or something close to it.. and for the other question im not really sure how this region will work, if we just gonna contiune upgrading our weapon that we have atm ( baleful and seraph ) or if we get more..
  2. what region are you on? i would gladly help you if your on EU - i have been helping lots of ppl who needed that skill these past days
  3. lol second time a GM doing this , i wonder how many "GM's" are doing this.. ?
  4. Yeah you will have to farm misty woods again for that.
  5. You will have to farm it again, if you talking about the elite one from misty woods
  6. or make Warlocks gets a real Q/E like other classes got when they dont have thrall up ^^
  7. if you mean the blue outfit , its from midnight 24man raid.. and that will come in december this year
  8. Force masters are doing more damge, but they are all viable for 4man / 6man.. so its more up to you what you wanna play :p if you dont wanna feel lonely in pvp or openworld you should level a summoner cause then you have a stupid cat :d
  9. We are the only region that can buy HM SKILLS for beans.. so dont talk about something you really have no clue about, they made it easier for ppl to obtain it thro pvp " cause pvp players dont wanna do pve for their skills " .. but hey korea had to do everything with pve to get their hm skills? JP,china too? But you are the player who wants everything equal in pvp too , like +15 hm levels all skills unlocked, no effort ? you talking about fair in our regions, can i please have all classes on level 50 plz with all skills unlocked, all weapons max upgrade too? .. i foun
  10. you should stick with true scorpion, not worth going up to legendary yet with warlocks..
  11. there is no greed involved in that, community wanted them to give them more discounts / better ways to get hm skills? and they dont wanna " give ncsoft anything for them "? .. i found it more greed from the community then ncsoft ;p there is always an other way to get the hm skills too, do pve farm the dungeons like " We pver " needs to do for our skills but yeah, this community will never be happy,always want more and more and moooore
  12. neither, im just farming sura 4 man, and get petals ^^ not bought one flower of lament, and i got 18 atm:)
  13. HM " discount " locked behind premium i feel this is a good thing, they are not dumb ;p very smart move of them
  14. hm, the guild im in is level 15, 65 active members
  15. some ppl are never happy with what they get.... we got this new daily challenge event , we got extended merchant of vendors, we got exp event ^_^ and we just had a nebula event.. i dont see how this greed will be healthy for this game ^_^
  16. it says " battleground daily quest and Arena matches.. "
  17. it cant tank that " good ".. so its more to damage wise..
  18. Jins first swim suit then against all the others?:D i feel this is more fair for those play jins.
  19. On Ebon Hall Crimson dominates SSP..
  20. @DomiSotto , the problem i have is that you sit here on the forums like some other ppl and complain about everything and that you only can play 2-3 h / day , but you can sit on forum 5-6 hours a day? maybe less writing on forum and play the game instead? Yeye, im telling that everything is good good, but im not the person who sits on the forums and complain about everything when they are trying to make it good for everyone by reducing the mats for " moonwater ", instead of bitching all day on forums like OP do , maybe put some time into the game instead of sitting on forum all day ?
  21. Hard to get Tears? you for real? blue 45 dungeons can be soloable with all classes , you get 2 tears each run ? how do you think who played this game since launch got it? dont bother to answer i have seen your answers in previous threads alot about the redcution of cost upgrading blablabla... ppl in this game just dont wanna grind i get that.. but you all know that this is a KRMMO game and its a grindfest, some ppl like it, some people just want everything for free And there is no rush to get best gear in this game, play how slow you want, they already
  22. So what do you want them to make it better? 10 tears each run in the box? give free moonstones on every single quest in the game? why not put in premium transformation stones in the hongmoon store while they doing it.. Whats the point playing the game when all people want more and free stuff?...
  23. some ppl are never happy what they are doing.. jesus, always something new to complain about
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