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  1. :HajoonWow:

    [Server: Jinsoyun]
    [Clan: Deadly Muffins]
    [Clan rank: 6]

    Introduction: Hey we are deadly muffins and currently recruiting active New players and Veteran players. We want to help you grow in a non Toxic enviorment, We have active veteran players that can assist you in upgrading gear or just overall class questions. We dont put a stigma on gear that will come in time. We run a Skybreak spire or BT raid every week to help you get your acc aswell as Weekly mini raid train and purple train. After the 15th of mei patch we are also going for a weekly VT raid

    We are looking for active people that want to take part in new and old content in the game, have the will and abillity to progress. If you like what your reading hit me up with a pm and we can have a chat on discord: RiRu#1165

    p.s We are gathering people for a clan BG if you are interested in that let me know:two:

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  2. Now you guys have to do something about this for sure, im getting really tired of even trying to go up in ranking in 6vs6 right now because, when you finally get to gold you start getting these random dcs and runtime error's all the time. 


    i have lost over 150 pts because of this today. and it starts to get annyoing as hell


    no its not my internet and no its not my computer that is the problem, is your servers that are the problem.


    its nice that you have put in this penalty into this 6vs6 mode that you lose -30 pts when you leave and dc , but maybe you should check up on your servers before you implent something like that?


  3. im going with baleful, and im on stage 10 baleful at the moment but i wanted to try out seraph at stage 10 also.. but cant be asked do a mirror ;D

    + i have ferocity and at this point im just farming the rest of my materials to upgrade to raven

  4. 2 hours ago, Valiant said:



    Worst part some Destroyer from good clans even not allowed in BT parties because they are destroyer ,Useless dps and useless utility class

    i dont think its cause they are destroyer. i think its more like they dont know how to play their class ;d

    my clan is running with 4 destroyers in each raid group at this point.. and we got 3 raids groups 

  5. On 2017-01-04 at 11:20 PM, FrozenB said:

    From your party list, I can tell those 2 players with 0 score was disconnected before the game ended. So, they are not the players who afk at base intentionally. It is just bad luck that your teammates disconnect during the match. Just quene up another game.

    but.. ur dmg gets removed when they are leaving mid game too..

  6. 12 minutes ago, Zedonia said:

    I dont care about that because it's bullshit with and without soul.

    An example maybe? I dont see a huge advantage because of the soul in pve. And dont say you can kill naksun 5s faster...

    yeah i agree with you fully there with 6vs6 - its unplayable now, all people running around with true hongmoon soul stage 10 keppo

  7. 4 hours ago, Zuzu said:

    It's funny how you two continuously demand for evidence and I provide said evidence to prove you wrong but you still ask for more and more. Yet you two still have not shown/proven to me Destros have low dps.

    Why not provide a video of your gameplay with your Destro since you're obviously getting low dps and are probably making mistakes? Because I'm pretty sure have shown more than enough that a Destro dps is not low; yes it may be still lower than other classes but it's only be a small margin.


    But doubt you two can do that and will just say "I'm right and you're wrong" since the forums and reddit believe Destros will always be bad because they can't get 50k+ dps higher than a FM to be deemed better.


    Anyways, I've said what I had to to the OP to help them decide. It's their choice to believe what they want.

    Zuzu, dont bother try to convince Valiant, he will always try to find an other excuse and that destroyers are so weak and stuff like that ;P

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