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  1. I think he is trying to send a mail to one of his alts. Question would be if the character are on the same account. Non Premium Member can only send mails to character that are on the same account.
  2. Don't you think it would be pointless to disable non jpg formats if they want to have moderator approve/disapprove them?
  3. I think this one sums it up very well.
  4. Thanks. I will keep an eye out for that from now on~
  5. Ah. I think I see the issue. What he means is. He creates a lobby on dungeon finder. He posts the lobby number on a public channel. A random low lvl joins. Now he can't do the dungeon he wanted to do anymore because that low lvl does not meet the requirements. And to the attack power thing, Attack power is rather worthless, crit damage and crit rate are what is important.
  6. Hmm. I think the issue lies in the connection going to both, the server in the US and the server in the EU. You need to connect to the US to log in, access the market. The arena lobby and dungeon finder lobby both sit in the US. The EU server are in Frankfurt, but as you are sending packages, even if it is just a few, it may screw things up a bit as in making it spike. I am also still not quite certain which of the two low ping IPs are for the server and which one for the character information. Living 2 hours away from Frankfurt, I do not have issues with
  7. Reporting noobs for "noobs" is rather extreme and something you will never see happening. Opposite to that, I would think that they should allow us to right click the name, even if it just "opponent" and at least to make a bot report if it is obvious. This would help the botting issue because the name is not always shown and it would stop them from getting to platinum. I am not sure about those issues, I only met a single bot on arena in more than 200 matches. Bots also use a static rotation, it is always the same. You also sound like a very angry per
  8. I have to say, I am extremely suprised about how many have issues with bots. I have leveled 7 characters to 45, the 8th is coming up over the next few days. Bots leveling I have only seen on the last two character. Bots for faction daily, seen three lvl 44 crims trying... on ch1 on windrest, which is a pure ceru channel. Only a single gold seller has whispered one of my chars, my destroyer, whom I renamed yesterday. Never seen a bot on dungeon finder. There were a few cases on tag with random people standing afk. They had cash/farming costumes, so I as
  9. It is not very rewarding anymore. Every char needs vaguely 30 minutes to complete the beach and misty woods faction dailies. I have seven chars sitting on lvl 45, the last one is coming up over the next few days. This sums up to 119Soulstones in average. On the server Windrest that is less than 30 gold nowdays for a work of currently 3 and a half hour, four once I maxed my final char, mind you I always got at least one person with me while doing them. A character needs about 3 days to lvl up via regular questing. If you add poh24 and nsh24 to the list, that is about another 6
  10. If I received this kind of response, I would file a lawsuit. This does not seem legally correct to do and answering, for example "You exploited Ogoong at this time and day and here again" does NOT compromise their security or tracking methods. This would be tracking that any of us could expect anyway.
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