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  1. Game doesn't load acc screen

    How many of us that can't get past the intro screen are running windows 10?
  2. Game doesn't load acc screen

    I don't know about IP blocks, but I can't get past the intro screen and I'm in California.
  3. Problems starting game

    Signed up for WTFast trial. No change. Still unable to play.
  4. Problems starting game

    That is a good suggestion. I do not use the programs, and am having the problem also. When I look in wireshark, I see RST when trying to connect after logging into launcher. I tried lowering MTU on WAN interface in case a router I go through is unable to handle fragmented packets, but it did not help.
  5. Problems starting game

    With the issues we've been having, and all the speculation, this is a good list to have. Where: California ISP: Comcast OS: Win10 x64 I'd like to also note that I've tried to VPN to New Zealand, London, and various other states in the US and have not been able to get past the intro screen.
  6. Win10 x64 Uninstalling the game from Programs and Features appears to work as expected. However, trying to install the game again complains that the directory is not empty. Upon checking, the directory containing game files was entirely in tact. I also could not remove the entire directory until restarting my machine because the fonts were 'in use' even though there were no BnS or NC processes running.
  7. Game doesn't load acc screen

    Hmm. I got a key from cyberpower and applied it, but I still cannot log in
  8. Game doesn't load acc screen

    Oh! There's a code for each beta. I just started PTO this week and was catching up on my email when I saw i had a code. I was so excited that I completely overlooked that it was for last weekend. Makes me sad. Maybe I'll find one on a website. Thank you Amraith.
  9. Game doesn't load acc screen

    As Ociz said. It is now 6:30GMT / 10:30PST, and the startup screen just keeps looping