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  1. Just because they are small don't make them kids Irisdina lol.
  2. Don't the dual guns shoot magic out? and another thing last time I check the sword weight more then a gun in it own right. I held a sword and a gun before and trust me. Holding the gun seem more comfortable to wield then holding a sword another thing is the fact that not all Lyn follow the same guide line of relying on magic to get the job done. You can't expect all of them to just use these magic base class and not see at least one Lyn to use Dual Guns or Assassin. The Destroyer class I can clearly understand but the other class not so much. Maybe Kungfu i may or may not be the best for Lyn
  3. I would not compare this to League of legend god heaven no. No one is as close the hate as League of legends.
  4. I already agree to have Lyn Gunner =w=
  5. I'm a Lyn and i'm the same height as her =w=
  6. So question I know where to get but dose it drop from the boss or it come out of the box I get from the boss?
  7. I find Blade Dancer and Blade Master the same but with a few changes.
  8. I agree with some example you gave. But really Lyn can't even use guns specifically if the guns seem to use magic. Same with assassins they seem to fit that role well as well seeing with their speed small size and stealth. They can't just be small furry that only use magic not all Lyn use them.
  9. He basically saying they can do it with or without the reason of the world of Blade and Soul. He think they just being lazy about it with classes and races limit.
  10. You must not had seen Hidan no Aria AA or Gunslinger Girls. Oh oh wait there a little girl with a bloody Gatling gun or a half furry and half huma with a gun on the last picture =w=
  11. From the 2 last comment I'm hearing more insult then a really good reason.
  12. Am i'm the only one that think Gunner should at least be for all classes this limited class thing is starting to get annoying and for a person that main Lyn Race this making me mad. It like the same for them having the Assassin class limited to them. I can understand it the class for them only but still I was really hoping for that class to at least let Lyn race to have it as well.
  13. I was crossing my fingers for a Lyn Gunner. T.T
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