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  1. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    I will just say this man. Nothing wrong with you trying to run any dungeon, it is a game, do what you want. People will probably kick you because it is very hard to run with many people under 380 attack power in Naryu Labyrinth. To be honest though, people can't queue cross server and expect a perfect party. If you want to queue for Naryu, I would said do it. It takes only about 350 attack power on your team to clear the 1st 2 bosses. Games like these are about having fun and progressing, so do whatever it takes. Noob this, noob that, we all just sitting on our butt behind a computer screen. Just do whatever you feel like and whatever makes you enjoy the game cause haters will hate no matter the circumstances. Oh and btw, for the rest of you, I am not a noob saying this, as I myself have 436 attack power. If you wanna whine about having to carry someone, make your own premade and don't do cross server.
  2. I have come to realize that when I want to find info on the future content, it is nowhere to be found until we are right on the heels of the content that is being released. For example, I wanted to look at the in-depth patch notes for bloodshade harbor, nightshade harbor, and mushin tower, but those are not posted in the News and Announcements. The only "official" info I can find is the extremely vague page about the dungeon bosses and mushin tower floors. On top of getting the info to us earlier, I would like to see NCSoft cleanup their own forum posts. Some of the posts under News and Announcements is dated and annoying to sort through. It takes minimal amounts of time to clean up a single forum category that only they can post in.
  3. Destroyers....

    You are not considering that you also get short buffs when you remove cc that prevents new cc as well as the ability to break cc with your leap and such. Often times I will have a destroyer rooted but they can still leap to me, which is stupid to begin with. Also, on top of the cc removal and escapes and grabs and cc resist buffs you get, you can pretty much counter without even trying very hard. I ended up making a destroyer just to see if I would enjoy them, but it does not fit my playstyle. It is sad when at level 30 as a destroyer I can get past 1700 rank. When you take into account that the short cc resist buffs, the escapes, the cc removal, the gap closers, and the grapple that you can't escape even with a grapple escape skill are so many lockdown skills and that a destroyer still has the highest dmg combo of any class, it is obvious that a destroyer is far far too strong for most classes. The only thing I have seen that can beat a destroyer is lots and lots of offensive combos on a stupid destroyer who just attacks without regard to combos. Even then, you can use a gap closer to negate any counter they have or force them to iframe to avoid getting combo locked.
  4. I am a summoner (I know, everyone thinks we're so OP). I am having trouble in 1v1 arena at the entry level platinum rank. I pretty much hover in and out of platinum depending on my losses and wins. I am just looking for a person to discuss PvP with or a website that has guides and videos in english (cause I can't read anything otherwise). The person has to be at least platinum rank, because if you aren't platinum rank, I don't have much faith in your PvP skills over my own. One of the main topics of PvP I would like to discuss and practice is beating the spin to win technique. I feel that as a summoner, I am completely countered in every way by Destroyer opponents. Sure I can beat the unskilled ones, but even the unskilled platinum destroyers still give me a run for my money.
  5. Destroyers....

    I also want to add that having a cat vs. a Destroyer makes things more difficult as the Destroyer gains a bunch of focus off spinning near my cat since I can't control the cat's path directly.
  6. Destroyers....

    I agree that the class needs a little rebalancing. The only thing I think would be good for them without "over-balancing" them would be to ditch the focus regen on the spin and put it elsewhere in a hard-to-pull-off skill. I am a summoner (I know, boo summoner) and we can't counter Destroyer in any way but to run away. I would not that we do have a passive that knocks enemy down once in a great while when they block (which they can easily escape from). I can understand the reasoning behind them being able to pump out so much dps in quick succession, but it is not balanced when they can use their strongest dps combo on you twice in a row and kill you from full hp. People will say you have no skill, but the fact remains that it takes less skill to play a destroyer than any other class currently. Destroyer is far superior in pvp and even with dmg in pve. I can understand the pve aspect, but with pvp, fix that focus gain and everything should be good to go. The only time I have ever been able to beat Destroyer in pvp (talking 1900+ rank here) has been due to time running out. Every time that I have won due to time running out, the Destroyer still has a good deal of hp left as well. I also find that I only win by time running out when I have far far superior reflexes and techniques than the Destroyer who is basically just spamming a bunch of damaging skills and cc removal skills. The only time I am able to successfully CC a destroyer and keep them CC'd is when they use their shield to heal.
  7. Being a summoner is sad.

    Summoner requires low skill maybe, but at least it isn't Destroyer which requires no skill. If you want to brag about how much skill you have or whine about which class takes no skill, you better be at least platinum rank. I have seen less than 50 platinum+ players in the game on Old Man Cho server (which had a large queue for a while). It doesn't really matter what class takes what skill, it matters what you like to play. The only thing I have to add onto that is true balance. I would say every class is truly balanced in pvp aside from Destroyer. I would, however, say that Summoner is extremely OP for PvE due to the tanking, healing, dpsing, and ccing capabilities. I think Summoner has every class beat in ALMOST every aspect of PvE.
  8. Remove the bid system.

    I think it wouldn't be so bad if the price of every item in a dungeons wasn't 1 copper. It is kinda lame to tease about when everyone passes, they all get 1 copper. It is not promoting generosity in that sense. Some people like questing, some people like dungeons, and some people like pvp. There should be opportunities to make all your money in any or all of the 3 ways. Making money is the worst part about the game, however, aside from this, the game seems pretty spot on.
  9. Summoner op...

    Summoner is built around hanging in there with the cooperation of the familiar. Most people simply don't know how to change their strategy based on the situation. Some situations it is better to kill the familiar first. More often, it is better to kill the summoner first.
  10. Extremely shady stuff from NCsoft

    It is likely just a default. What they should have done is remove name change vouchers before launch if they were unprepared. I don't think it is shady, nor do I think this is the support team's issue to deal with. The support team can only tell you to wait while the devs fix it.
  11. Cannot Edit Profile I the only one who can't edit their profile? I wanted to change some info and stuff (for example, they changed "location" to "server" and now my "server" is a place in the real world and looks stupid) but it tells me something along the lines of "You cannot edit this profile." I also wanna change my picture, so if anyone CAN edit their info and stuff, please let me know so I can send in a ticket.
  12. Premium Member Queue

    True enough, but I think it is pretty sad that they didn't anticipate this problem and enable a system that bumps afk players, even if only for the first couple weeks or so.
  13. Premium Member Queue

    Well, I could understand waiting maybe 10 minutes - 15 minutes to log in, but the fact that I queued and got 67 minute queue time is a little ridiculous. To make matters worse, after 20 minutes of waiting, my queue time has only gone up up up. If us premium members can't get in, non-premium members surely won't get to play since we have priority over them.
  14. Awesome! It's good to know people when you have questions to ask about the game as well!
  15. Ability To See Warning Points?

    That is not true, there are many games with far more strict rules than LoL that do fine. But either way, you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. We can leave it at that.