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  1. Yeah I've been having the same problem and the response I've gotten is pretty much the same, but here's a tip that may help in the meantime: if you have another program that exerts significant, sustained load on your network connection such as a stream or torrent, you can run that while you start up Blade & Soul. Depending on how your college's network is configured this may significantly improve your chances of getting into the game before your IP switches (again).
  2. In one of the E. Fleet dailies you're asked to off some Blackram minibosses around the map, but the quest markers for the two guys at the northwest corner of E. Fleet have the names swapped with the guys south of Slashimi.
  3. It's really annoying to be stopped every container you open just to pull everything out of overflow, especially since there is no hotkey for the "Take All" button. Yes, I know that it's checking your remaining empty inventory space against the absolute maximum number of items you could receive from a given container, but still, it's buggy behavior. I see no reason why it can't just wait until the actual items (and their number) have been decided before complaining about insufficient space and just lazily plopping everything in overflow. We already have to wait in limbo for a fraction of a seco
  4. This is a REALLY old bug. See below: Apparently it works on some stuff now (like the treasure chest at the end of Naryu labyrinth) but still absolutely fails on others (like the ice walls in Chuanka Frost Cavern).
  5. With the new streamlining of weapon upgrades we get to trade in our old weapons for new, more powerful versions, but in places the dungeon matching system doesn't seem to correctly recognize relative power levels of the new weapons. For instance, dungeons which require a Siren weapon to participate worked with the old upgradable Siren weapons, but once you trade yours in for the new Ivory Hongmoon version it no longer works. I've heard of similar anecdotes from people at other weapon levels (e.g. having to put on a weapon of lower power level just to get into a dungeon), so please go back and
  6. As an aside, hiding the process is NOT a good thing; it's good to see the game process listed properly again. You can read a lot of other bug threads here about users having problems with the game because the process was hidden (e.g. can't stream because no process to target, can't kill frozen/hung instances of the game so the game can't be restarted due to client already running errors, system resources permanently blocked for the same reason, input software like mouse/keyboard controllers not working anymore, etc.). Fighting script/macro users can and should be done in ways that don't violat
  7. It's still bad form to hide your program; if you want to fight bots and such do so within your program somehow, hiding the process like this hurts regular users a lot more than the botters. You can already see several other bug posts in this forum that stem from the process being invisible (e.g. client already running errors) and without the ability to kill the existing process there's no quick fix. Likewise, I tried targeting the Blade and Soul window with my ProcessExplorer to see if it could identify what was running, and it froze up both ProcessExplorer and my system sound for some reason.
  8. The problem here is the 1GB increase in memory usage has resulted in a performance drop, not improvement. The graphics in game, by the way, look exactly the same (setting aside all the new bugs, that is) so the change seems to have resulted in nothing but an increase in memory/CPU/GPU usage. Switching to a 64 bit client is NOT an excuse to get sloppy with your optimization. P.S. if there has been a framerate improvement it's less than 1 fps so I haven't noticed it.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but the whole idea of using the 64bit client is to make things faster and MORE efficient, not less, right? I came up with these numbers by testing under the exact same conditions as before the patch. Increased memory usage due to additional content is a thing, but a whole GB extra is a bit over the top I say.
  10. I am well aware that Blade and Soul boots up a separate program for the marketplace and uses an embedded window to fit it in the window in-game. I now have definitive proof of this because since the patch, my Sell tab (but not the Buy tab) is just a bit too big to fit in its window (in one dimension or the other), so I see some really janky looking scroll bars on the right and bottom edges.
  11. Unfixed as of the Wings of the Raven update. It's really aggravating having to boot up both my e-mail and some random high network load application (like a stream) just to log into Blade and Soul every time...
  12. Still suffering from this intermittently; I have discovered that running other programs with high network load while I start up Blade and Soul decreases the chances that I encounter this problem, further supporting my conjecture that IP switching is the problem.
  13. I can no longer log into Blade and Soul ~90% of the time. When I get to the PIN screen and punch it in I get the aforementioned cryptic error message. I know this isn't because I entered the wrong PIN or password because ① I have tried intentionally screwing up both of those and the error message is different (actually says invalid pass/PIN) and ② the 10% or so of the time that I do manage to get all the way through to the character selection screen I have done absolutely NOTHING different. I have tried changing pass/PIN to no avail. I know no one else is trying to use my account because the m
  14. I've had this or a similar problem as well, but it's definitely not overheating or power requirements. Two times since the last patch I've just been playing along and randomly my computer just shuts off (the screen flashes white for a fraction of a second first). I know it's not power or heat requirements because I do a good amount of video encoding that will max my CPU for hours or days with no problem, and I've played plenty of other games that max my GPU similarly with no issue. this has only happened on BnS and only since the latest patch/hotfix (or maybe one before that if I missed a smal
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