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  1. They didn't increase the Def I assume but the hp is like 10x more than before. I regret getting my cta on my DB as it won't even be able to finish the event as I found out the hp was so much higher in "easy" after starting... ended up giving up on alts and motivation is already low to begin with
  2. What are those Blue/Purple/Yellow/Red Divine Grace Stones used for? Also what absurd brain costs.
  3. What's happening in SirJohnny's vid is literally happening to me now started on Feb.10 for me. It's extremely annoying in HQ when fps is already low. Screen freeze in there for 5 seconds to 10 for me.
  4. The only thing I'm not in favor is your suggestion with Pet Pods into events (mainly the ones to exchange tokens for items), everything else thumbs up. It may just be me but I like the current pet system EXCEPT the additional 5 stages between Unleashed Hongmoon to Awakened Ultimate Stage 1. I like it because it removed the RNG factor to get Ultimate (Unleashed Hongmoon) and it isn't all that bad considering some unlucky people rerolling countless times and still didn't get it. As for whoever thought it'd be a great idea to add the stages between Unleashed Hongmoon and Awakened Ultimate St
  5. Not only in Germany. I've been having problems as well and some other people have same problem also not in Germany. Pin window doesn't pop up, the window after that doesn't pop up, connecting character doesn't go to loading screen, loading screens don't load, and stuck at 0secs when entering dungeons. I need to restart the game/repeat all those steps multiple times just to log on to another character to finish TOM. Its been like this for me since last Tuesday.
  6. Having the same problem... I have to restart the game in order to change characters and sometimes it'll just hang even after a restart.
  7. When I typed Studded and Striped I meant the blindfolds which according to support only drops in BSH Widows/Hae Mujin.
  8. According to support you'd be wrong, but since you actually got them then **** support for false info.
  9. I've seen the blindfold 2 or 3 times same with the mask back during 45 cap and this was when BSH was just released. Never seen them again ever since then. As for the studded and tiger striped one, I bet they don't even exist. I've asked support this recently and they said they drop from Widows and Hae Mujin, but support doesn't know anything concrete and gives wrong answers most of the time regarding outfits.
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