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  1. I'd like to cancel this thread. I finally received the Ncoins.
  2. I purchased 15 dollars worth of Ncoins and they still haven't shown up on my account. I'm aware that sometimes it will take hours for them to appear, as my prior purchase took about 12 hours to appear, but I can't afford to wait 12 hours this time. I purchased this amount of Ncoins to buy some Favorite Fantasy chests and their limited time on the shop will end on the 5th, time I don't have. Will it be possible to exchange the NCoins I bought for the chests if I do not receive them in time, or refund them completely if I miss the deadline? I only purchased Ncoins to get the chests for an outfit
  3. I registered before the cut off date, had 4 level 10 characters, logged in on the website many times before the 13th, etc. I even contacted a support about this, explaining everything and they're giving me the same excuse. The proof of me having all these credentials necessary to get the Satchel are proven just by looking at my account and login dates. I don't know why staff are frequently replying to users who seem to have been late on the date, but won't give a proper reply to all the users who were prepared and did do everything that was needed.
  4. I LITERALLY met every criteria listed on the official website. I owned an NCSOFT account prior to the start of the registration period, I had 4 different Blade & Soul characters that were above level 10, my Blade & Soul account was and still is in good standing, and I made sure to use the login button on the Rise of the Gunslinger Event prize page more than 5 times to re-login into my account just to be safe. Despite listing all of this in my support ticket, I was told that I still wouldn't be receiving my satchel because I somehow didn't meet those 4 credentials listed. Am I just goin
  5. Same here. I even made a support ticket over 10 hours ago and explained that I met all credentials, along following the instructions exactly on the event page... but the support just gave me some stupid copy & pasted reply that I must have not reached the credentials to get my satchel. I have FOUR characters that are above level 10 and I was registered before the event page date ended, I even logged in multiple times using the register button on that page. Am I just not going to get my satchel because of NCSOFT's screw up? We're clearly saying we followed the instructions, so what's the bi
  6. I still haven't received mine. My mailbox is near empty.
  7. We're aware of that. It's been about 9 hours since the servers went up and some of us still haven't gotten our satchel's mailed yet, if they were ever sent.
  8. It's been 4 hours for me. I did dungeons, re-logged like 20 times, swapped through chars, and still didn't get mine.
  9. The last time I had patient was during the Warlock release voucher where I leveled to 45 before the cutoff date for a costume that I never got, along with many others who didn't get it when they were told to wait for the slow mails. I don't want the same thing happening again, especially for a slot that I'd have to pay money to get otherwise.
  10. Which I have, multiple chars well above that level as well.
  11. I was registered before the cut off date but hours later and I still haven't gotten my Satchel.
  12. It's odd how many other MMOs tend to handle it quite well. Why is it that Blade & Soul always has to be held to a lower standard. FF14 has larger single servers than what our merge gave us, yet they don't have these massive issues.
  13. I didn't receive any of the satchel items. The same thing happened to me with the Warlock outfit thing but I already had a cash shop costume in mind, so I never bothered with it. I just hope I don't end up waiting for something that never gets mailed.
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