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  1. what part of i have an assasin dont you understand exactly? You are biased and prejudised against a class that whatever anyone says to you even with a full video with commentary on how to easily win a summoner wont change your opinion on it!You just make yourself look worse and out of point i wont try to argue with someone as biased cause its just like talking to a wall.You just want to rage summoners for no reason thats all you dont even want to learn thats why the community on forums is bad because there are ppl like you who qq for no reason just to qq!
  2. HERE for you to learn and kill a summoner next time! i have an assasin already if you still lose after this i cant help you honestly you have to put effort to win not just wait for noob opponents! (BTW this assasin in the video does way too many mistakes and has high ping he doesnt even checked his cds and still raped summoner ...)
  3. NO CLASS need buffs or ner!f Ncsoft cant buff brains to think, it seems you have issues deal with it first then come to rage me on forums like a kid !
  4. gg well said very well said so many disadvantages thats why the sin cancers reach the timer staying in stealth and cc only because they cant win a summoner gg the only class that shouldnt complain about losing on summoner is assasin and the *cricket* cancerous time reacher the worst class ever go learn to play the assasin and then cry about summoners!literally assasins is the only class that cat cant pin down because of 4 retaliate + f that even gives him stealth and you can even blind twice!GO see some pro assasin playing in youtube and then qq!
  5. guys pls relax your tits and stop this bullshit!There are no weak classes on this game every class can counter each other ,with same probability to win ,With right built on skills!If you read your skills, you would know, that ,there is not 1 built for pvp and 1 for pve .Its more complicated than that!if you look closely your skills, you ll notice that they have atributes like wind ,earth, lighting etc its atribute gives different stats on the skill so for example the frost tornado on FM that pierces and nutralizes parrie skills like the spin of Destroyer and LBD wont work on KFM or BM, you have to switch build, to the one that pierces defence skills!So there you have it ,easy and without complaining. Switch your build ,to match your oponents class so you can counter it! You know that before a match start there is a timer that gives you 30 sec!if you were smart you would know that its purpose is to let you prepare your built to counter the class incoming but guess what who cares about it lets press shift +f we have to start already!with that logic noone won a match! As for summoners now 90% of the summoner i encouter in arena are shit that only spam LFB and RMB sunflower for the win!They dont even care about the cat they dont protect it at all.If the cat dies summoner is dead 99% but whoneeds to kill the cat when you can make it uncosious and *cricket* the summoner in the mean time.Anyway the only reason that there are more summoners in ranking than other classes is not because the class carries them but because pp cant play the other classes at all it seems!this game is not based on heal thats why there in not a healer class like others you have to dodge and believe me every class have more than 5 dodges!lets name them for ppl who dont even know it Tab,Q,E,SS, and (1for block 2assasin hide,4 summoners dandelion ) and some other dodge skills depending on your skill glyph built so there you go! NOW lets see the dodges that a summoner have that makes it so op SS for evade and 2 backstep then he has dandelion on 4 there you go 3 dodges NO Q,E like other classes have no dash no TAB so op class with 3 dodges he also has petal for ranged atcks but most classes are melee so meh just put barrier on FM and wait frozen till the duration is over easy! So how hard is it to make a class spend 3 dodges then *cricket* it and how hard is it to make it spend 5-8 dodges so if i SEE a KFM complain about dying from summoner go reroll pls or learn your skill that you cant even break free from 1 root that has 24 sec cd and any class can just SS backstep it so easily you can even freeze yourself and summoner with tab with 30 sec cd and freeze yourself again with 3 if you get controlled or grabed JESUS even FM dont have so many self freeze! So tell me again how a KFM CAN LOSE FROM A SUMMONER when almost every dodge skill he has gives him ressist and evade 100% or immunity for 2 sec on succesfull parry or counter PLS COMMUNITY BEFORE YOU WRITE IN THE FORUMS GO AND LEARN YOUR CLASS AND OTHERS CLASSES SKILLS AND BUILTS AND STOP THE QQ.IN KOREA THERE IS NOT EVEN 1 SUMMONER IN TOP RANKING BECAUSE ITS THE EASIEST CLASS TO KILL IF YOU CANT THEN EITHER YOU SUCK OR HE JUST LEARNED HIS CLASS BETTER THAN YOU DEAL WITH IT!