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  1. preach it!!! thats why i was sad when i heard BnS gona be free to play game.it always happens in f2p games
  2. ow cmon people.werent you first ones who said PVE is easy,too easy .... mushin tower released floor7 is easy aand yes i am BM yet now you guys whine its too hard.wtf you really want? aand when they gona decrease hp by double people gona whine its too easy.Just learn your class .If i can do it with bm with 1 minute spare what makes you not do it .....+ who ever said u cant have cc in pve build learn to make a damn hybrid ...... i am using hybrid with 3 stuns andpve dmg build. i wwwhen use my aoe burst dmg i use my stun so he dont move out from my dmg skill and thats all..... yet u guys dont e
  3. i want russian forum too . i see lot of russians too tough they shouldnt be ip restricted?
  4. tnx for info now i can report all these guys speaking russian in faction chat ...
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