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  1. Do you know why there is double agent achievement? becouse u can always switch factions to do a quest easy ........... srsly do a damn quest why you are cerulian.i am not doing it becouse i have high rank on my crimson for level 50 release
  2. and how will you balance it your self? not Ncsoft foult you cant stay loyal to your faction when its so easy to switch it.can we keep stop posting these kind of topics becouse its not gona be fixed becouse there is nothing to fix there
  3. BOTS OF SOUL!!!

    so, you are not better with multiple posts in forum about it ..... spaming forum like bots.srsly most of forum topics is about bots...srsly we already get it that bots are problem .....
  4. and this is why i dont buy my vip 6 back lol its just pointless to have vip when ebon hall or Eu has problems with server and no compensation lol bought vip in first month start at day 1 headstart aand it was last vip i will buy like ever(unless things changes) its just vip is not worth it anymore.i have to work and when i come home i cant even play a damn game becouse of DC,laggs ,FPS problems or server dc about cluster *cricket*
  5. Bots want to friend me now

    i am not online in forum 3 days and i still get forum messages about gold lol dunno even how XD
  6. ow men i miss days when friendship actualy ment something :/ aaaaaand now every friend tries to backstab you so they can get same pain as you,talk about friendship lmao, if thats a case these days i am better off without them. its like who can backstab you even more muahahahaha XD .thank god i born in 20 century, atleast in childhood i got lot of friends and my best friend who doesnt backstab me and help me in hard times as i help them. Just shows that these days we are geting mose selfish everyday until civilization collapses
  7. Bad Community, why?

    preach it!!! thats why i was sad when i heard BnS gona be free to play always happens in f2p games
  8. scummoner

    who ever says git gud probably isnt even BM but FM,KFM or destroyer XD
  9. pretty sure got banned by people who reported him as a bot becouse were annoying in faction chat as always ,auto block and report XD
  10. Why so obnoxious?

    ahaha i agree :D
  11. Why so obnoxious?

    alright smart summoners who taunts everything becouse tank cant keep aggro ,why do you aggro terrors with taunt or blackwyrm making BM(me) take 30k+ aoe dmg with 2 hits from terror or bw poision puddles everywhere and ruin a damn rotation(how da hell i can reset it then?) And i rarely lose aggro
  12. Blade and Soul has potential...

    too much crying in forum everyday. everytime i open forums there is crying in first page :3 10 years ago i somehow dont remember we had that kind of issue lol but i guess times changes and people geting more spoon fed.well i do admit summoner versus blademaster cry tough pretty much u have to play perfect to win that but atleast dont spam forum about it .thats only issue i have about this game.well it did had bot problem at start but ncsoft did managed to make it lot better-less spam in chat and easier to block them and report.Problem is just player base is kind of crappy you find like 70% people nice and 30% badmouth who needs to wash their mouth and stop being a s s . but thats not ncsofts foult but our own cultures foult
  13. The FPS drop topic

    well hangmoon level patch description had game optimization ,yet my fps droped by 20 xD and in BW by 10 fps its pretty unplayable now for me bw sso i just gave up on it i got a weapon from it for legendary weapon and thats all
  14. why its ncsoft foult?they are fighting them but they are like zombies..... its actualy player base foult who buys gold from them so stick your comment to your self if you dont know better......
  15. People abusing escape in Open PvP

    i know its frustrating and they shouldnt do it but sentence you used a bit back before editing did trigger me off a bit becouse in i get lot of abusing from cers sometimes :3 you do 1 vs 1 for example and then when u already made him to 20% his 5 friends comes and jumps on me and lets be honest if u arent destroyer of LBM but bm who mainly is 1 vs 1 powered its dead end :D p.s i dont use this kinda system escape i just take straight beating lol.I didnt even knew about it i bet someone from NA started to use same as ogong run bug