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  1. Rather curious. I know of a similar one just below the Trasher's chamber at Nightshade. Will put more screenies in a minute. I wonder just what are they used for? They look like stuff you would probably find in space fiction.
  2. Yes, this is precisely how I would describe this game's RNG. Without the 'indexed'. And with a "low, really low" after 'fixed'. Either you get stuff on your first runs or you're punished. BnS NA/EU is just a sad joke. And this is how NCSoft feels about it: https://goo.gl/hNa0sp But in the end the biggest joke is me.
  3. Nah. Azure Smoke's requirements are actually the wig ones. That is 16 fabrics, 80 valor stones and 100 gold. See Rukkirri posts for more info. I did hear them say at some point in the last stream that the wig would be in the cash shop so yeah.
  4. ughguu wheres my mom i wanna cry guadah
  5. Even if it does, it's not going to back to 100g, 35 valor stones and 15 fabrics. Thanks for your cheap sarcasm and please cry a little more over your rare wig and how it's going to be on everyone's head because that's exactly what I like.
  6. That "uh my special junk" "rare" or whatever crap is just bullshit. I'm tired of reading that. And no, the wig is definitely going to remain the same price. Edit: Yes, I think it is being an ass. There are far more people happy because they're going to get it than there are people screwed over because of this. Besides, those last ones aren't even really screwed over. "uh my rare virtual wig that I had to run so many times to get is on everybody's head". It's not like those people didn't know something like this was coming. Some of the guys that say that are more worried about feeling jealo
  7. Gold + fabrics + stones. It is the official price indeed, like the guy in the middle said. Stop being an ass.
  8. Hmm? What do you mean, bro? Weapon and accessory paths haven't changed in the slightest. You just get an additional weapon path and the choice to either follow it or not. No new players are going to get screwed and no players that aren't "current" (what's that even mean? pirate stuff? most people don't have them yet) on gear need to worry at all. Also, I can't see the relation between wanting more ways to get fabrics and what you're talking about. It's not like you buy gear with fabrics. Those that you see are second chances at stuff you get for free. And I'd dare say third chances because I'm
  9. Pardon? What exactly is this key upgrade route that you're talking about? Fabric and stones are required for vanity, not for skillbooks. As you can see, skillbooks you get using naryu silvers. Both bracelet and belt you already have simply by upgrading your infernal/siren ones to oathbreaker and so on. We do NOT need other ways to get fabrics. Most other regions work exactly as we do right now when it comes to fabric and I doubt ours is going to change in that regard. Julianne has also even stated that most people simply farm gold and then exchange for coins, buy clothes and then salvage th
  10. On other regions the minimum was 1250 points. I'm not sure about ours. Also, anyone can access the NPC. Not everyone can buy stuff.
  11. Nah. That's just people being dumb.
  12. That's something that happened on other regions, and that Babbletr0n has confirmed on his Twitter too.
  13. I see. Thanks for the info. I thought it was somehow required to buy the other one in order to learn that one.
  14. Oh yeah. Totally forgot about the other one. lol
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