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  1. Yes, this is precisely how I would describe this game's RNG. Without the 'indexed'. And with a "low, really low" after 'fixed'. Either you get stuff on your first runs or you're punished. BnS NA/EU is just a sad joke. And this is how NCSoft feels about it: https://goo.gl/hNa0sp But in the end the biggest joke is me.
  2. ppl complaining about patches being released too fast lmao. this a new era for mmo companies. or at least ncsoft. its so funny how everyones making an uproar only because of all the new weapon path posts and how they basically say that if you dont have pirate youre gonna be *cricket*ed zzz
  3. I share the feeling, bro. I'm really hyped now and I don't want this hype to die.
  4. I'm *cricket*ing hyped, that's all I know
  5. Yeah yeah, whatever. I just wanted to contradict that guy for whatever reason. He said "saddly theres zero game company thats able to deal with bots yet alone not one of them can deal with them in f2p game". So according to you, TERA's company doesn't have to deal with bots because they don't really need to, due to the design of the game being unwelcome to bots. Just because TERA is a F2P game and has no serious issues with bots doesn't necessarily mean its company knows how to handle bots. I guess that guy was right after all. Yay.
  6. of course there are positive sides. there is at least one positive side to almost anything you can think of. its not different when it comes to bots. what you need is to weigh how many positive sides and negative sides there are but even this is useless. ncsoft as a company needs to take care of bots regardless of them being more of a plus to the game/them or not
  7. cant say anything about korea and if you want to be stubborn about tera being dead, i dont mind a bit. also, if tera wasn't a profitable game to bot to begin with, why are there so many bot softs for it? makes no sense. i can tell you it doesnt take a scientist to know a bot at first sight and i never saw one in my 6 months of playing tera on the most populated na server at the time. according to some guy on some other thread, tera also never did really have serious bot issues not even when it was released because measures were quickly put into place. again, tera is a f2p game thats not dead a
  8. its certainly not a dead game and you know it. it wouldnt be still up to this day otherwise. last time i checked the most crowded na server seemed as lively as ever. this was about 3 months ago. "years"? exaggerating much? also for your information tera did have bot issues once but they were quickly taken care of. which means there is value in botting there. heck, if you were really serious about that reply you would know the battlegrounds are pretty bot friendly and yet there arent any bot issues. and why do you think bns has players buying gold? its such a gold hungry game it practically beg
  9. pls explain how tera is a f2p game and has no issue with bots
  10. That wig is not going to make anyone unique. Not to mention it's most likely going to be available through other, much less frustrating means later on. And as long as more than one person can get an item, it's not unique. Semi uniqueness? Why is there such a strong need to feel unique? You could arguably start a superiority/narcissism discussion out of this. I'd rather see a bunch of people happy because they're wearing what they like regardless of how they got it, instead of trying to keep whatever they have just for me because I have such a childish (this should be an offense to children) ne
  11. that's on some other version. the red and black wig currently is not obtainable by any means. last time i checked with babbletr0n he said there were then no plans to add it to the shop
  12. I think I saw it on cats but not on actual people. Anyway it's weird. What's that event about? What did you have to do to get the hair?
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